Astro Chicken: Hyboid – Wired at Heart

Hyboid - Wired at Heart

Astro Chicken label boss Hyboid delivers his nod to the 80s-centric Synthwave craze. From catchy to new romantic, from stomping to sleazy, “Wired At Heart” has it all: Vintage drummachine beats, bubbling sequences, dreamy analog pads and sizzling synth leads. “Hyboid – Wired At Heart” is a synth-nerd’s wet dream cast in vinyl!

Now here’s the real deal: This package includes the “Wired Heart” Special Synth Gadget. Yes, your record comes with a little heart-shaped synthesizer that can be controlled via 8 touch-sensitive contact pads. The “Wired Heart” has six digital oscillators that interact in several different ways, controlled by your touch, your breath, moisture or any other conductive substance you put on the pads. The sounds are non-melodic and rather experimental. There’s even little extensions ports where you can connect LEDs and photo-resistors to open up even more possibilities for sound manipulation. It’s loads of fun! Driven by a CR2032 battery (not included) and connected via 3.5mm stereo mini-jack (the jack also serves as ON/OFF switch, so pull the plug to save battery life).

2 x 12″ / Digital Album

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