Carol - Breakdown / So Low

Everyone being a early 80′s dark/cold minimal synth enthusiast have encountered those two classic songs composed by Carol and Snowy Red’s frontman Micky Mike.

Originally released in 1982, “Breakdown” and side B’s “So Low” have both achieved the status of myth and are considered as anthems by a large audience. Almost 35 years later we’re honoured to annouce that both tracks will finally be reissued as a lovely 7″, housed in a pretty classy packaging, perfect for another 35 years journey…

Listen and download here.

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Synths Versus Me - Tormento

Here’s the 4th release from Synths Versus Me, a band of Minimal Synth, EBM and Cold Wave from Lloret de Mar (Catalunya).

Listen and download here.

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La Main - Nous Ne Serons Plus Rien

Through 12 tracks shifting from new wave to minimal synth and post punk, La Main whispers some dark love stories where desires remain unfulfilled. With his melodic laments and synthetic prophecies, La Main sounds like he’s roaming in a place at the edge between our world and one of lost souls. With its heady melodies and a gift for writing, La Main tells us the story of theses souls that look for each other but never find themselves. We are warned: at the end, “we’ll be nothing”.

Translated into images through 12 brush and ink illustrations made by Céline Guichard, the demonic urges described by La Main come to life and invite us to enter this introspective dance of death. Each track has its own illustration which offers 12 weird but familiar creatures provided as a silk-screened limited edition.

Two years after his first LP, La Main is back to showcase these 12 rhythmically compelling, sharp written songs due on December 3 via Stellar Kinematics.

Limited edition CD – 200 copies.

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David Carretta - Two Decades: A Retrospective CD

David started making music at the end of the eighties with an ultra confidential project called Art Kinder Industrie, based in Marseille. He was the first artist to sign on the german label International Deejay Gigolo owned by DJ Hell with the maxi “Boing Bum Tschag/ Innerwood” released in 1996.

He is one of the most influencial electro french artist in the world and a pioneer of the Techno scene as soon as 1994 with a maxi released on Harthouse, Sven Vath ‘s mythical label. His music is characterized by an analog techno sound backed up by retro-futuristic synthesizers that take their roots as much in Front 242 and Nitzer Ebb ‘s EBM as in Giorgio Moroder or Bobby Orlando’s disco basslines.

After having released three albums ensenced by both audiences and critics, more than a dozen EPs full of dancefloor anthems, more than fifty remixes, and having inspired DJ Hell to create International Deejay Gigolo 20 years ago, David Carretta is one of the founders of the Electro Clash movement in 1999 with his album « Catalogue Électronique » that will start an international wave from which he is the spiritual godfather.

Following the incredible success of his productions for the label Gigolo, David has been having an internatioal career spreading his Techno/ New Beat / EBM / Italo Disco in the biggest clubs and festivals around the world. He founds his own label Space Factory in 2003 on which he releases his ultimate album, the very cosmic « Rodeo Disco » in 2008. Then in 2011 he joins the label Zone, founded by The Hacker and Gesaffelstein, on which he signs two fantastic EPs : « Crash » ( with Workerpoor) and « Land Of Sin », a cold, surgical, industrial techno without any concessions.

Unknown Pleasures Records is happy to welcome in his team this essential character of the Electronic scene to celebrate his twenty years of career with the release of a compilation CD soberly called « Two Decades: A Retrospective » which includes the artist’s best titles in “radio edit” format as well as a new unreleased track.

Limited Edition Compact Disc Deluxe Digisleeve 6 Panels with imprint special condom.

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Europaweitte Aussichthen - Purgatory

“Purgatory” is the new Europaweite Aussichten album I was working on since early 2015. The whole process of making the music was totally different compared to the work on my previous record “Welcome To Paradise”. This time I tried to compose a score for a movie that doesn’t exist. I had a story in my mind and composed different pieces of music for different scenes. Sometimes they became really huge and dramatic as you can hear on tracks like “Psychopath” or “Season of the Skull”. But here and there I needed something more dark and atmospheric. Tracks like “The Visitor” or “Sundown” are all about creating a scary atmosphere.

All music was recorded on an old BASF tape from the mid-80′s to give the album a slightly filthier sound.

I hope you’ll enjoy this journey through the meanest city on earth: Purgatory.

Limited edition of 25 tapes professionally duplicated glass master 2xcd in overwrap, comes in a jewel case.

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