HIV+ - Art Of Noise Compilation

Pedro Peñas y Robles, known as HIV+ (Harsh Industrial Virus Positive), a franco-spanish experimental artist, DJ, musician and singer born in Lorca, Spain (1968).

Pedro’s musical path to frozen and somber sound began in France. He has been exploring wider regions of Dark, Industrial & Electronic Body Music music since the late 1980s. For over than a decade Pedro was DJing in various underground Dark Electro/Gothic events in southern France and consolidated his career at Trolleybus (famous club of Marseille) in 1993 with the fetish-industrial festivals titled “Armageddon”.

Pedro’s first old school industrial rhythmic noise record “Hypnoise Movement” was released on independent label Divine Comedy Records (France) in the early 2000s. In 2004 HIV+ finished his first ever north American gigs called “Industrial Virus Tour” in USA, Mexico & Canada organised by Nein records. After having played live in various industrial festivals in 2008 HIV+ produced his last official album “We Are All Haunted Houses” (Caustic / Divine Comedy rec) and maked a cover version of The Normal’s classic “Warm Leatherette” on a vinyl picture disc (OPN records).

He has performed live as a musician in various industrial festivals (l’Usine / Switzerland, Infest / England, Nocturna / Spain, Noxious Art Festival/ France…) and many countries (Spain, Belgium, UK, Mexico, USA & Canada, Chile ..). Moreover, Pedro has organized and co-organized over 100 electro dark events and concerts in the 90′s featuring performances by Dive, Das Ich, LtNo, Mlada Fronta, Mimetic, Empusae, Sulphuric Saliva, Stefan Alt, Manu Le Malin, The Hacker, and many more.

Later on he has produced numerous of industrial, dark and penetrating records for such labels as Divine Comedy Rec. (France), Black Flames Records (Poland), Caustic Records (Spain) or Signifier (USA) Moreover, from 2000 to 2011 he has remixed music by such legendary musicians as Nitzer Ebb, Hocico, Sonar, Morbid Angel and HIV+ had remixed also by Sonar, Mlada Fronta, Mimetic, Saverio Evangelista (member of Esplendor Geometrico), Növö, Millimetric, Absolute Body Control, Radical G and more.

Pedro also is part of Fluxus (Unknown Pleasures Records – 2012), a collaborative project between him and Mauri (featuring Arturo Lanz from Esplendor Geometrico), and is also participating in Adan & Ilse synth wave project together with Michel Lecamp from Norma Loy and Black Egg. Pedro was recently involved into a new noise project H.U.H. too with Marc Hurtado & Ushersan.

In 2013 he has founded Unknown Pleasures Records and that is “the answer to the lifelessness and mediocrity of the current music scene”, dedicated to various synth wave, cold wave and dark electro music.

With numerous minimal electronics compilations (Electronic Manifesto from I to IV) made in the past, Pedro to offer here his selected free compilation of this remastered HIV+ early harsh noises.

Listen and download here.

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Wendy Bevan - Love From The Moon

Wendy Bevan is a London based vocalist and artist currently working on her debut solo EP/Album produced by Marc Collin (Nouvelle Vague) to be released in 2016 on Kwaidan rec & K7! There will also be a digital edition single with remix by Usher San (Norma Loy/Black Egg) released on Unknown Pleasures Records in february with gorgeous cover of early eighties NORMA LOY’s hit “Romance”.

Listen and download digital single here.

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Maman Küster - Sous La Peau De Maman Küsters

MAMAN KÜSTERS is a (French) duo from Brest (in Brittany) consisting of Gaël Loison (also in Dale Cooper Quartet & the Dictaphones) and Cyril Pansal (HF90 & PanMe). Cyril also collaborated via his HF90 project on the re-edition of Etienne Daho’s ‘Mythomane’.

Their first album “Sous la Peau de Maman Küsters” (“Under Maman Küster’s Skin”), January 2016 (Unknown Pleasures), is scandalously rough and proud.

It features a plethora of instruments mistreated as though D.A.F. or Kraftwerk high on meth and plutonium had stuck their fingers in a socket and started messing around.

The album, a shocking mutation of Chernobyl radioactivity mixed with analog synthesis of Liaisons Dangereuses, Front 242 and DAF, is destined to achieve cult status in the alternative underworld. The brilliant phrasing and lyrics remind us of the pissed musings of Serge Gainsbourg and Alain Bashung.

This is a celebration of adventure, accident and the dark novel. It’s a surprising, haunting exploration of talent and a madness underlying Dadaism. Without doubt, the finest French album of the year in this music genre.

Limited digipak edition of 300.

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Follow Me Not - Nothing Comes With A Smile

Shoegaze/ Pop Rock/ Post Punk french one man project in the vein of The Jesus & The Mary Chain, early The Cure, Love & Rockets, The Sound, Sad Lovers & Giant, Asylum Party, Mary Goes Round or Little Nemo.

Limited digipak edition of 300.

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David Carretta - Two Decades: A Retrospective CD

David started making music at the end of the eighties with an ultra confidential project called Art Kinder Industrie, based in Marseille. He was the first artist to sign on the german label International Deejay Gigolo owned by DJ Hell with the maxi “Boing Bum Tschag/ Innerwood” released in 1996.

He is one of the most influencial electro french artist in the world and a pioneer of the Techno scene as soon as 1994 with a maxi released on Harthouse, Sven Vath ‘s mythical label. His music is characterized by an analog techno sound backed up by retro-futuristic synthesizers that take their roots as much in Front 242 and Nitzer Ebb ‘s EBM as in Giorgio Moroder or Bobby Orlando’s disco basslines.

After having released three albums ensenced by both audiences and critics, more than a dozen EPs full of dancefloor anthems, more than fifty remixes, and having inspired DJ Hell to create International Deejay Gigolo 20 years ago, David Carretta is one of the founders of the Electro Clash movement in 1999 with his album « Catalogue Électronique » that will start an international wave from which he is the spiritual godfather.

Following the incredible success of his productions for the label Gigolo, David has been having an internatioal career spreading his Techno/ New Beat / EBM / Italo Disco in the biggest clubs and festivals around the world. He founds his own label Space Factory in 2003 on which he releases his ultimate album, the very cosmic « Rodeo Disco » in 2008. Then in 2011 he joins the label Zone, founded by The Hacker and Gesaffelstein, on which he signs two fantastic EPs : « Crash » ( with Workerpoor) and « Land Of Sin », a cold, surgical, industrial techno without any concessions.

Unknown Pleasures Records is happy to welcome in his team this essential character of the Electronic scene to celebrate his twenty years of career with the release of a compilation CD soberly called « Two Decades: A Retrospective » which includes the artist’s best titles in “radio edit” format as well as a new unreleased track.

Limited Edition Compact Disc Deluxe Digisleeve 6 Panels with imprint special condom.

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