Follow Me Not - Nothing Comes With A Smile

Shoegaze/ Pop Rock/ Post Punk french one man project in the vein of The Jesus & The Mary Chain, early The Cure, Love & Rockets, The Sound, Sad Lovers & Giant, Asylum Party, Mary Goes Round or Little Nemo.

Limited digipak edition of 300.

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David Carretta - Two Decades: A Retrospective CD

David started making music at the end of the eighties with an ultra confidential project called Art Kinder Industrie, based in Marseille. He was the first artist to sign on the german label International Deejay Gigolo owned by DJ Hell with the maxi “Boing Bum Tschag/ Innerwood” released in 1996.

He is one of the most influencial electro french artist in the world and a pioneer of the Techno scene as soon as 1994 with a maxi released on Harthouse, Sven Vath ‘s mythical label. His music is characterized by an analog techno sound backed up by retro-futuristic synthesizers that take their roots as much in Front 242 and Nitzer Ebb ‘s EBM as in Giorgio Moroder or Bobby Orlando’s disco basslines.

After having released three albums ensenced by both audiences and critics, more than a dozen EPs full of dancefloor anthems, more than fifty remixes, and having inspired DJ Hell to create International Deejay Gigolo 20 years ago, David Carretta is one of the founders of the Electro Clash movement in 1999 with his album « Catalogue Électronique » that will start an international wave from which he is the spiritual godfather.

Following the incredible success of his productions for the label Gigolo, David has been having an internatioal career spreading his Techno/ New Beat / EBM / Italo Disco in the biggest clubs and festivals around the world. He founds his own label Space Factory in 2003 on which he releases his ultimate album, the very cosmic « Rodeo Disco » in 2008. Then in 2011 he joins the label Zone, founded by The Hacker and Gesaffelstein, on which he signs two fantastic EPs : « Crash » ( with Workerpoor) and « Land Of Sin », a cold, surgical, industrial techno without any concessions.

Unknown Pleasures Records is happy to welcome in his team this essential character of the Electronic scene to celebrate his twenty years of career with the release of a compilation CD soberly called « Two Decades: A Retrospective » which includes the artist’s best titles in “radio edit” format as well as a new unreleased track.

Limited Edition Compact Disc Deluxe Digisleeve 6 Panels with imprint special condom.

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USHERsan & HIV+ - Wide Lights From Hatred Springs

New version of CD album “Wide Lights from Hatred Springs” published in december 2012 on Signifier (Chicago/USA).

UPR is pleased to present the first collaborative project from prolific cold industrial / minimal synth artists Anthon ‘Usher’ Shield of french coldwave cult act NORMA LOY (and today BLACK EGG) and Pedro Peñas y Robles (from HIV+). Some of these songs have contributed to the birth of their synthwave franco spanish duo ADAN & ILSE in 2013.

“Wide Lights from Hatred Springs” features studio sessions inspired by Noise, Post Punk and New Wave pioneers such as Throbbing Gristle, Suicide, Cabaret Voltaire, SPK or Nitzer Ebb. The unpredictable pairing of Usher & Pedro utilize vintage equipment and techniques from the late 1970′s / early 80′s leading to a memorable and catchy sound that is as fresh as it is familiar. Haunting compositions feature electro industrial rhythms and old analogue synths. Lyrics sung by HIV+ with backing vocals by USHERsan and Vera give voice to the way in which emotional, spiritual, and social isolation encapsulate the madness of our time.


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Alek Drive - Frontière

Young 25 years old producer who started producing music in the south of France, he began his career at 21 after understanding that analog machines allowed him to create sounds differently than a contact between two physical objects, which is the case with traditional instruments.

Quickly, Alek bought his first synthesizers and spent days and nights to work on, absorbed by the vibrations of his electronic machines, until extracting the spirit of his own music. Exorcist of his own young asocial devils, and a no doubt vision of an iron and chaotic future, Alek Drive’s music fascinate by a powerful strike force and surgical precision.

After a first EP (“Master Of Road” on Police Records and “Endless” with Edgework), the young French producer decided to merge technique and concept, giving a deepest meaning to his creations. He then left the country for a road trip on the other side of the world, initiatory travel from Nullarbord desert gates to the west coast of the large Australian continent.

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Iron Court - Mechanisms

Dark rhythms, overdriven basses and binaural leads melted together: what comes out is an organic mixture ranging from electronic elements to industrial sounds combined with a mechanical techno approach, a running engine.

Iron Court is led by devotion in synthesizers: a continuous study of the instruments, the haunt for new timbral drifts and a computer drives everything in its place.

Siderurgical beats and working class melodies rise from the bunker and merge to build a blend of harshness and smoothness, a no-compromises trademark addressed to the gloomiest dancefloors.

Ears encaged, feelings annihilated. Few lights here, this music is colder than you think.

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