Adan & Ilse - Bleeding For You

Now Adan & Ilse come back (become the project of the singer only) with this new single which gives a follow-up to “Chirurgie Plastique” album (2016). More tense, dark and cold than its predecessors, this new original track combine rough soundscapes, layers of electronics, and dark vocals to create a sound that is a mix of Lo-Fi Minimal-synth & Experimental Post-Punk. After the break of the band at the end of 2016 Pedro decided to continue the A&I adventure alone and decided to produce new material.

Digital Album

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Vogue Noir - Strange​ Days

VOGUE.NOIR is a one man project from London, England.

Previously playing in the Synth/Post Punk duo SATO SATO , Dominique kept the machine based approach to write music inspired by the Synth scene in the 80s. Using elements of Italo Disco, EBM, Minimal Synth and Synthpop , VOGUE.NOIR aims to convey a reflective, melancholic sound with the energy of Dance music.

CD / Digital Album

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Dave Inox - The Computer And The Brain

Dave Inox explores the sounds of the pioneers of electronic body music and electro to reinterpret them in a vanguard and obscure way.

“EBM is closer to techno….the industrial club scene misunderstands what techno is” -Douglas McCarthy-

CD / Digital Album

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A Tribute To Genesis Breyer P​-​Orridge

A benefit compilation for Genesis P-Orridge. Musical pioneer, cultural engineer, wrecker of civilization, anti-Pope of the Temple ov Psychic Youth and also merry prankster – Genesis Breyer P-Orridge is arguably one of the most important icons of Alternative Culture of the latter quarter of the 20th century and beyond. With Unknown Pleasures Records and some great artists, amazing musicians and true fans we want to pay homage to the work of Genesis P-Orridge and provide unreleased covers of cult songs of THROBBING GRISTLE & PSYCHIC TV.

CD I / Digital Album

CD II / Digital Album

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NONE - Poison

Here’s the latest album from NONE, a cold-wave / post-punk / experimental female solo project from Berlin, Germany.

CD / Digital Album

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