Honoris II Tribute To The Sisters Of Mercy & The Sisterhood

On the initiative of Unknown Pleasures Records, and the consequent adhesion to this project by Industrial Complexx & Oráculo Records, we pay tribute with covers by different bands to The Sisters of Mercy, the band that many of us identify as the most important of the gothic rock and dark post-punk that derived in the first wave of English punk.

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Electronic Manifesto 4

Here is the last volume of the Electronic Manifesto Compilation curated by Pedro HIV+ and released on M- Tronic records in 2010. The theme for the bands to compose their Epitath! The result is just splendid, this compilation is a flow of emotions but also contains some real dancefloor hits.

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Cold Wave Years 2012​-​2020

This compilation contains reinterpretations and remixes of classic new wave / cold wave / synthpop / minimal synth hits by contemporary artists including Blind Delon, HIV+, Adan & Isle and Les Modules Étranges, just to name a few.

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Electronic Manifesto 2

After the success of the first double CD compilation “Electronic Manifesto” (published in 1000 copies in Spain by Caustic Records in February 2007) I was super motivated to continue this work as curator, so I continued to select exclusive tracks, rare and unpublished remixes, and I contacted the artists present on this second volume (produced by me in September 2007 for the Marseille label Divine Comedy Records).

Small anecdote, I financed the totality of the pressing (1000 copies) but the owner of the label who had to take care of the administrative part “forgot” to declare at the time the cover of Grauzone to Sacem, consequently he had to pay a fine and this is the reason why I left this label in 2007, arguing with him for good following this incident.

Despite this episode, this compilation received great reviews and still sounds “modern” 13 years after its release. An electronic masterpiece that bears witness to the Minimal Wave of the first decade.

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IceSun ‎– Iceworks

Iceworks is the first full-length album from Icesun, a post-punk band from France.

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