This Is The Bridge - In The Strangled Air

One of the most important presences in British synth today, This Is The Bridge’s progressive, powerful synth is utterly distinctive and uncompromising in its vision. Every This Is The Bridge release on TONN Recordings brings us exquisite minimal synth delivered with poignancy and precision.

Dancing Blind & In The Strangled Air are the 2 latest albums from this solo and collaborative electronic music project from London area with roots in Liverpool. This Is The Bridge explores a ‘primitive electronic’, DIY sound using mainly analogue synthesizers.

Dancing Blind / In The Strangled Air

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Alan Currall -  There Are No Mistakes

Every so often an artist comes along who pushes a medium right to the edges of its possibilities. Alan Currall is one such artist. His process driven modular synth is constructed in moments of true improvisation, so that once made, it cannot be repeated. This is synth that tells the story of its own creation. Every Alan Currall release on TONN Recordings is beautiful, surprising, and risk taking.

Cassette / Digital Album

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Somewhere There's A Hunger Strike

There is minimal synth and then there is Iv/An. In a class all of his own, with a voice like no other, full of depth and clarity of tone, Iv/An’s releases on TONN Recordings have brought us synth that is executed with exacting precision. Skilfully pared back to expose their inventiveness, each track is interwoven with thought provoking narratives that speak to us of the human condition.

CD / Digital Album

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MADMOIZEL & Iv/An - Dual

Madmoizel is a French electroclash / synthpop producer / vocalist. Electribes, synth and vocals, Madmoizel plays a music of her own.

After years appearing in adapted context or under various guises (Narrow, Umrijeti za strojem, I/II), Iv/An decided to step out of his own shadows and continue apace under his (sort-of) real name.

Digital Album

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Crystalline Stricture - Syndrome

Colder edge electronic music – a celebration of what has gone before and what may come.

Crystalline Stricture is a minimal electronic synthwave/coldwave project based in Belfast, N. Ireland.

Digital Album

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