Nova Guardia - Last Days

At a time when so much around us seems to be over-thought and over-prossessed, it can come as a relief to encounter the sound of Nova Guardia, whose pure analogue synth acts as a antidote to the self-conscious and the manufactured. With its raw energy and unfiltered modular directness, uncompromising vocals and dirty edged aesthetic, Nova Guardia gives us a sound that never fails to affect.

Digital Album

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Crystalline Stricture - Contaminant

Colder edge electronic music – a celebration of what has gone before and what may come.

Digital Album

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Me and a Box - Introspection

Me and a Box is a minimal wave entity whose the mechanics beats and ambiance transports us in a quiet and strange interior travel.

CD / Digital Album

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Nova Guardia - Escapism

Recorded in Crimea, here’s the first release from Nova Guardia, a solo project from Moscow, Russia.

CD / Digital Album

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This is the Bridge - More Than Machinery

One of the most important presences in British synth today, This Is The Bridge’s progressive, powerful synth is utterly distinctive and uncompromising in its vision. Every This Is The Bridge release on TONN has been a series of exquisite minimal synth.

Digital Album

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