This TONN Recordings special anniversary edition is featuring collaborations between Iv/An & FOKKER, Mode In Gliany & Misfortunes, Crystalline Stricture & Me and a Box, Le Cliché & This Is The Bridge and Nova Guardia & Alan Currall.

Digital Album

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MADMOIZEL - Play Bizarre

MADMOIZEL is a French composer, producer and machines-vocalist performer based in Paris. A classically trained pianist who began playing at six. From punk to queer, from expressionism to dandy-synth, from neo-classical to machine-vocal, MADMOIZEL works with different influences. Known for her captivating and powerful live-act, her lyrical & sliced voice turn her electronic into a drama scene & dancefloor new-wave.

CD / Digital Album

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Nova Guardia - Last Days

At a time when so much around us seems to be over-thought and over-prossessed, it can come as a relief to encounter the sound of Nova Guardia, whose pure analogue synth acts as a antidote to the self-conscious and the manufactured. With its raw energy and unfiltered modular directness, uncompromising vocals and dirty edged aesthetic, Nova Guardia gives us a sound that never fails to affect.

Digital Album

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Crystalline Stricture - Contaminant

Colder edge electronic music – a celebration of what has gone before and what may come.

Digital Album

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Me and a Box - Introspection

Me and a Box is a minimal wave entity whose the mechanics beats and ambiance transports us in a quiet and strange interior travel.

CD / Digital Album

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