AM - Killing Is Lust

The Spaniard act AM is our last national discover. Coming from Valencia, a city that on the mid 80’s has been with Brussels and Manchester at the european vanguard of the most advanced and darkest beats. AM, clearly influenced by those days of glory, presents on their vinyl debut an outstanding EP that sometimes could remind to the best FRONT 242 period and sometimes could remind to be listening to the late 80’s NewBeat top hymns at Boccaccio, surely anyone will remain indifferent to AM.

12″ EP / Digital Album

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We Are Not Brothers - III

We Are Not Brothers (WANB) third studio album. Post-industrial electronic music band from the post-industrial, anarchist and revolutionary town of Alcoi, País Valencià.

12″ EP

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Lärm Und Stahl

Here’s another Oraculo Records compilation featuring tracks from MELANIA., Crystal Geometry, Unconscious and Synths Versus Me.

12″ EP

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Ride The Wave 2

Ride The Wave 2 is an Oraculo Records compilation featuring tracks from A Million Machines, Scannoir Project, Vox Low and Stellar Tribe.

12″ / Digital Album

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Synths Versus Me - Akelarre

Synths Versus Me is Nico Cabañas and Vanessa Asbert, known as founders of the vinyl spanish label Oráculo Records from Lloret de Mar, Spain. The band project started on late 2014 influenced by darkwave sounds produced with synthesizers but going through many different substyles as minimal synth, ebm, synthpop or italo-disco.

2 x LP / Digital Album

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