Asymetric80 - Blood Lies

Being a Barcelona based EBM/New Beat producer and DJ, the music of asymetric80 is a mix of forceful yet melodic Electronic Body Music, with reminiscences of the mythic Valencia ́s scene, combined with fresh sounding basses, arpeggios and overwhelming drums & snares.

12″ MiniAlbum / Digital Album

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More Ephemerol - Fertile Energy

More Ephemerol is the expressionism of lone programmer and synth obsessor Chad Fjerstad. Colorful arpeggios, blippy bass lines, brick-like kick drums, razor sharp vocoders, and sizzling synth leads sculpt out More Ephemerol’s sterile sound.

12″ EP / Digital Album

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Skelesys - Epsilon

Skelesys is a solo synth wave project from Berlin, Germany.

His sound could be defined as haunted and effective, the result of a delicate and neat mixture of marked basses and guitar riffs always accompanied by thriller melodies and subtle grooves surrounded by darkness with a stripped down futuristic vibe.

12″ EP / Digital Album

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Conformco - Controlled.Altered.Deleted

CONFORMCO, not trading on NASDAQ as (CNFCO), is led by the innovative investors of CEO Sean Payne, the venture capitalist behind industrial corporations Cyanotic and Vampyre Anvil and Chairman Chris Harris whose firm, project .44, was acquired by Invisible Records in the early ’00s; but after an internal insurrection was returned to its rightful owners after several years of corporate ownership. [Discogs]

12″ / Digital Album

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Oliver - Neither Wise Nor Gods

The London based DJ and producer lands on the great Oraculo imprint for a powerful release titled Neither Wise Nor Gods. The EP includes 5 tracks and includes appearances by Die Selektion, a Kontravoid remix, as well as our premiere today, the title track featuring French luminary HIV+. [The Brvtalist]

12″ / Digital Album

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