No Mercy An Honoris Tribute To The Sisters Of Mercy & The Sisterhood

Extracted from “Honoris ii, tribute to the sisters of mercy & the sisterhood”. Published under exclusive license of unknown pleasure records as part of the black alliance project.

7″ + 12″ / Digital Album

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Ride The Wave IV

This compilation is featuring 5 tracks of minimal / synth pop by Dancing Plague, Carlo Onda, Most Modern, Karl Kave and Deathrippers.

12″ / Digital Album

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Zona Utopica Garantita - Zug! Zug! Zug!

Zona Utopica Garantita (abbr. ZUG) is 2019 musical project born from the join of Frasco (Bloodygrave & Die Lust, SPO) and Jules (Cronaca e Preghiera, Nono) forming a Punk Electronic collective, that springs a vital live playing over electronic sequences. The joining of Danilo Fatur (CCCP Fedeli alla Linea) with his charisma, experience and poetry and Misha on synthesizers stabilize the band with a solid musical estethic, direct and radical.

ZUG’s music is a marriage between the machine-gunned punk of CCCP and the Body Music of the teutonic DAF, with his own poetry and experimental attitude.

The lineup on stage is: JULES (voice, sampler) FRASCO (electronic drums) MISHA (synthesizers) FATUR (poeta del popolo).

12″ / Digital Album

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Quattrovalvole - De School

Future Past Disco Drive project designed by Joone & Miss Zagato. Taking inspiration from Ferrari’s Vetroresina 308, sunset driving on a dark mission, the listener becomes an accomplice, so beware. You may be charged. Curb crawling, speeding, reaching for something that drives you wild and swerve off the road. The windscreen shatters, and your fingerprints are everywhere. Run. Four on the floor Italo-disco, glossy 80s new wave, Quattrovalvole is an afterdark lifestyle.

EP / Digital Album

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NNHMN - Deception Island Part 2

NNHMN is Berlin-based dark electronic music duo – creating moody and evocative music infected with haunted synth sounds, eerie ambiences and mysterious female vocals. Lee and Michal Laudarg embarked on a sonic journey on the thresholds of New Brutalist Theatre, experimental electronic music and techno culture.

NNHMN have built up a local following and have been appreciated by numerous alternative festival organizers. The band has toured Europe, played local Berlin clubs and performed live at festivals in Seoul, New York City, Montreal and Barcelona.

12″ EP / Digital Album

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