I Am The Fly - Pattern / Function

I Am The Fly play synth-punk with a distorted, sharp organ and a monotonous old drum machine from the 70s, a purist bass and sometimes melodious, sometimes almost delusional vocals.

Shimmering and aggressive, I Am The Fly are reminiscent of angry insects that form against mankind with resigned nihilism and scientific half-knowledge.

12″ / Digital Album

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Laura Krieg - Vie Magique

Laura Krieg is a means of geocritical self-defense. A cold wave of brutalist pop. A drum machine, a mic and silver sequins.

LP / Digital Album

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NNHMN - For the Comfort of your Exstazy

The extreme frustration explodes above the feeling that you are losing your time, and the time is an unknown field. Governments, internet trolls, and political fractions fighting for your attention… you work above your physical possibilities, but the jigsaw of money is still there in the universe of developed capitalism. In the meantime – on heavenly blue screens, you watch people with cosmic-sized budgets which they spread into the galaxian nebula of unknown to you pleasures. You sometimes feel such solitude that existentialism is only the beginning of thinking, you could scream it all out into the void but you’re voiceless. Just your eyes are set to watch endlessly, they are set on autopilot mode.’

It’s all for you – For the Comfort of your Exstazy – ‘’see it, say it, sorted’’ – can’t you see how easy it all has become?

The four tracks done just For the Comfort of your Exstazy – new wavy amalgamate of modern synth music sauteed in a techno sauce.

12″ / Digital Album

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Charlie - Cold Inside

Charlie is a DJ and italo / synth wave producer from Krakow, Polan.

7″ / Digital Album

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Jogger - BRD Noir

Ambivalence runs through all the lines and melodies of Jogger’s debut album „BRD Noir“, which he produced in his own four walls in the current bedroom pop style. The lyrics open up a place where everyone is welcome and where togetherness is determined by diversity and free thought. The album leads to a symbolic pub that gives the listener the feeling of never being alone with their doubts between bar noise and euphoric wishes. Here we are as we are, always wanted to be and never have been.

12″ / Digital Album

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