Reel - Flowers In Bloom

M!R!M is the solo project of Jack Milwaukee based in London.

Called post-punk Jack’s music is obsessed by The Jesus & the Mary Chains’ dirty sound guitars, flirting with Suicide’s frenzy. Powerful, dynamic, dirty yet hypnotizing and aerial.

After two EPs, “Enjoy your Sorrow”, “It’s not enough anymore” (afmusic), and an aclaimed album “Heaven” (Fabrika Records), Manic Depression is proud to release its new EP “Reel / Flowers In Bloom”.

Listen and order here.

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Romance Moderne Compilation II

The best Romance Moderne productions between 2013 and 2014 including Secret Soviet Army, To Feed a Neon Forest, Lovers Revenge, Ruble Gang, Echö, H ø R D, Lovers Revenge, Exotic Club and Ruble Gang.

Listen and order here.

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Momentform - Build

Minimal electronics project Momentform make a welcome return to New Ideals with four-track kosmische construction, Build. The EP represents Ianis Lallemand’s most visceral work to date, with nods to the European forefathers of krautrock, italo disco, and minimal synth that help position Build in the shadows of the dance floor. As we are invited to journey through the high rises and low lights of Lallemand’s adopted home of Paris, a stalking drum machine offers a guiding hand against a backdrop of oscillating arpeggios and spectral synthesis. Executed with a customary dark cinematic poise, this excursion into the heart of the metropolis is a faithful companion to Momentform’s preceding release, Yearn.

IDEAL 004 is an ode to the city’s beauty and brutality, strictly limited to 50 tapes.

Listen here and order here.

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Cliff Dwellings

8 tracks compilation with Martial Canterel, Silent Servant, Femminielli Noir, Nacht Leiche, Automelodi, Soft Metals, Cosmetics and Echo West.

Limited edition of 100 pro dubbed, white cassettes.

Listen and order here.

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On Drowning

Experimental/electronic/noise/synth/wave record label releasing cassettes, CDs and vinyl for over a decade with a focus on art and artistry. The drive to develop an exciting and diverse roster of artists is an integral part of the label.

Double-sided color artwork on color paper, painted and labelled 26 minute cassette. Duplicated on professional Otari equipment.

Listen and order here.

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