TWINS & ROM - R U Dreamy 2

DKA is elated to welcome TWINS & Rom, two of the Atlantic Seaboard’s most mysterious, prolific and quietly lauded legends of uniquely challenging music. CH Rom is the impish conductor responsible for a content universe under his primary handle as well as among myriad collaborations such as Pump Media Unlimited, Spam, Wharp & Rom, Crustacean Committee, and of course his decades-long co-venture with TWINS, covering everything from 22nd century dance music to noir detective funk. The magnetic and majestic TWINS needs no introduction here at DKA, a member of the family and 15 illustrious years in as the man, body, and spirit behind TWINS, and a key member of other celebrated collaborative projects including the industrial bang and bash of Pyramid Club, with Chris Daresta, and the mutant new-new beat of Free Range with Ernestas Sadau.

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TWINS - Rather Not

TWINS is Matt Weiner who is also known for his Featureless Ghost project and of course as the head of the DKA Records label… his project TWINS is not limited to one specific style but the dominant characteristic is the synth driven sound… other influences in the mix are various styles of dance music and a healthy dose of arty post-punk… this new mini album “Rather Not” is the perfect blending of all of this… due to this it is on the one hand a classic minimal elektro record but at the same time a rather modern piece of electronic music… catchy tunes and surprising twists go hand in hand and make up for an authentic and original record… which is more stunning every time you play it!

12″ Mini LP

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