Venin Carmin ‎– Constant Depression

After their acclaimed debut with “Glam Is Gone”, Venin Carmin releases her second album “Constant Depression”. This album is again full of catchy tunes. Sometimes light-footed, sometimes razor-sharp. France’s most extroverted post-punk / coldwave band is not a world improver. Situations are perceived from a distance, but the interpretation ensures that it all becomes very personal in the end. Many listeners will recognize themselves in the songs while dancing to the music.

LP / Digital Album

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Sing Me Something Sinister

“SING ME SOMETHING SINISTER” is like a cinematic sound document from outer space. This compilation listens like a dark fairytale with a bright side where you can dance to. A story that starts with The White Container, in which desire and disappointment fight for priority. A theme that applies to the continuation of this album.

“SING ME SOMETHING SINISTER” is a musical document of desire, intrigue, aliens, unforeseen events and dark rituals. It takes us to the depths of the soul and beyond.

The atmosphere of this album has been masterfully translated by artist Mo Arab, with his painting ‘Domina Corvus’.

12″ / Digital Album

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Mourning Elektra Slangwitch - Messy Riot

Mourning Elektra Slangwitch is a Dutch artist who has been performing under the name M.E.S.S.Y. since 1985 and is active as an artist creating collages, sculptures, photographs, paintings, videos, and music. Working solo and in bands in different kind of projects, she hopes to put a spell on her audience through what she calls “Messy Vocal Magic”.

For decades Mourning Elektra Slangwitch is at the forefront of Dutch/European experimentalism and electronic music.

Listen here and order here.

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Various Artists - Sore

After the success of ‘A Visual And Auditory Reminder Of The Beauty Of Life’, Seja’s first compilation on vinyl, a second edition was about to be expected soon; people keep on asking about it.

The combination of well-known and less known, European and overseas, turns this release into a scenic view of the state of the contemporary alternative electronic music scene. Hard pruning work is interspersed with delicate songs and it is this that makes this album so surprising and special. It is striking quality with carefully chosen sequence of songs. Seja herein has a sure “fingerspitzengefühl” for which ‘SORE’ sounds like one logical piece.

Vinyl edition of 300.

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ImiAFan + Dario Seraval - Against The Walls

“Against The Walls” by ImiAFan + Dario Seraval is a stifling and melancholic minimal electro MLP with gothic influences build around lyrics from eastern Europe punk bands GRC, Berlinski Zid and the Slovenian poet Tomaž Šalamun.

ImiAFan did a lot of releases at different labels before and worked with greats like Adrian Smith (ClickClick), Makina Girgir, Charles Kent and others. The collaboration with the Slovenian Dario Seraval originated from his deep admiration for BORGHESIA, the band in which Dario Seraval takes the lead vocals on his behalf. A few years ago Dario contributed to ImiAFan’s Neurozone album. It is this cooperation that developed and resulted in this minialbum.

Music composed by Imi Vegh, Miki Bernath and Dario Seraval. Vocals by Dario Seraval. Imi Vegh is known by his artist name ImiAFan. He contributed to the Seja sampler “A Visual And Auditory Reminder Of The Beauty Of Life” in co-operation with Adrian Smith (Click Click) with the song “Try One”. Dario Seraval is known as member of the Slovenian EBM group Borghesia.

Listen and order here.

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