Oppenheimer MkII -  Out In The Field

Oppenheimer MkII is Andy Oppenheimer, singer, songwriter and formerly one-half of the ground breaking 1980s synth duo Oppenheimer Analysis and Mahk Rumbae, electronic musician & producer known for his work with Mitra Mitra and the notable UK industrial / experimental band Konstruktivists. Together as Oppenheimer MkII, they have been producing the most dynamic & addictive synth of the last decade.

7″ / Digital Album

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Oppenheimer MKII - Another Nightmare

Oppenheimer Mk II is Andy Oppenheimer and Mahk Rumbae. Andy Oppenheimer – Singer, songwriter and formerly one-half of 1980s synth-pop duo Oppenheimer Analysis, one of the leading bands of the ‘minimal synth’ scene, and inspiration behind the Minimal Wave label.

Mahk Rumbae – Electronic musician and producer known for his work with long-running UK industrial/experimental band Konstruktivists. Andy and Mahk joined forces after performing together at Vienna’s legendary electronic music venue Rhiz in April 2012, and discovering a shared love for for 1960s pop and 1980s synth music.

After their debut album ‘The Presence of the Abnormal’, released in 2013, and the Line of Sight EP released in 2015, the band return with a new single ‘Another Nightmare’ on Peripheral Minimal. The two songs ‘Another Nightmare’ and ‘The Presence of the Abnormal’ were originally featured on their debut album, and now this new single gives these complete new versions of these two songs a new lease of life as well as being available on vinyl for the first time.

Limited Edition 7″ / Digital Album

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