Black Leather Turbo Menace - Carcosa, Mon Amour

Black Leather Turbo Menace is an annoying guy from Detroit, Michigan.

Digital Album

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OLMS is a solo project from Detroit, Michigan. Influenced by Peter Baumann, Manfred Mann, depeche mode, throbbing gristle, Nitzer Ebb, tears for fears, new order/Joy division, clan of xymox, SPK, Front 242, FadGadget, steely dan, Michael McDonald.

Digital Album

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OLMS - The Cover​-​up

Here’s the latest release from OMLS, a solo dark wave project from Detroit, Michigan.

Digital Album

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OLMS - Severance

Here’s The first physical full-length release from OLMS, from Detroit Michigan. Influenced by Ministry, Seona Dancing, New Order, Bronski Beat, Depeche Mode, The Frozen Autumn, Xymox, Joy Division, Gang Of Four, Giorgio Moroder, Peter Baumann.

12″ Vinyl / Digital Album

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