Leere – Ljod

We come from nowhere and move towards emptiness.

Leere is an introvert female music project.

I am trying to express and fill the emptiness inside me. The use of analogue and digital sounds of the 80′s and the integration of sounds from Berlin, the city that influences me and my music strongly, helps me with that hard task. I am in permanent struggle with my dark side. And i want to be understood.

Digital Album

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Leere - Fragmented identity

Leere is an female wave solo project. Emptiness, loneliness and nostalgia of the postmodernism are represented in her music through the sounds of original 80s synth and drum machine, the integration of field recordings and industrial elements.

She calls her music style violent romance, balancing between tenderness and anger, expressing love through pain.

Daria Leere is a former member of dark-wave duo Monowelt, who’s haunted atmosphere stole hearts to many music lovers.

12″ / CD / Digital Album

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