Jupiter 8 - The Unknown

It’s summertime in the small town of Shermer, Colorado. A group of teenagers pass their nights by drinking beer with their girlfriends in an old house in the woods. One night a meteorite crashes near the house, when they go to investigate they discover a nest of alien slugs who attack them and start to infest the city. The remaining teenagers try to find a solution, with the help of their biology teacher, but the invasion has already begun.

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Jupiter-8 - Texas Werewolf (Original Soundtrack)

The town of Big Woods in Texas is victim to several violent attacks on the cattle. When a farmer is killed, some people say it’s because of a werewolf. Sheriff Mitchell tries to calm the men down, but the hunt to find the beast has already begun.

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Jupiter-8 - Back To War

Original Motion Picture Soundtrack composed by Jupiter-8.

Stanley Kowalsky, once a highly decorated NY police officer, turned alcoholic since the death of his wife. All he had left was his 17 year old daughter until one night she was caught in the cross fire of a drug fueled gang war and killed. Having nothing left to lose, Kowalsky reunites with his commando team from vietnam to avenge her death.

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Jupiter-8 - Lone Rider

Jupiter-8 is an 80′s soundtrack artist from Miami, Florida. By day Lone Rider is a Hollywood stuntman… By night he steals cars for the mafia crime organization.

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