Puerta Negra - Costo Humano

Electro EBM from Portland.

Digital Album

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Autumns - Mouth Closed

Electro EBM techno from Ireland.

Digital Album

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Karl Kave - Zeit der Unschuld

Existential synthpunk from St. Gallen, Switzerland.

I spent a big part of my short life with guitars, pedals, synths, drummachines and melancholy. As Karl Kave I feel free to expose my music. As Karl Kave I don’t need to give a shit. Whenever it is possible, the first take is the last. I’m sure there’s some truth in this. [Discogs]

Digital Album

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Zirkular Dion - Bandit

Zirkular Dion is a Ukraine artist making retro-inspired EBM. A year ago their debut album came out on cassette via Berlin label Detriti. In January a follow-up called Bandit is coming on the same label. As usual info is scant, but the the 6 tracks are sung in Ukranian and have a lo-fi post-punk sound. I think it’s one of my favourite releases on Detriti this year. [Record Turnover]

Digital Album

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Blanche Biau - Maraudé

Blanche Biau is a solo-project from Zurich, Switzerland. Influences of 80s wave and post punk with echoing hints of shoe gaze merge into a sad but dreamy sound, driven by simple drum beats and captivating basslines. [Discogs]

Digital Album

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