Words and Actions - Some gods just want to watch the world burn

Words And Actions is an Italian synthwave/darkwave band currently located in Berlin, Germany.

LP / Digital Album

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Zirkular Dion - Bandit

Old school EBM from Ukraine.

Digital Album

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Tout Debord - Ça ne veut rien dire

2nd cassette from the Paris based artist Tout Debord. Synthwave, French Pop, Minimal Wave.

Digital Album

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SPZkr - Punto e Forma

2nd vinyl release for Detriti’s post-punk champions from Roma.

LP / Digital Album

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Aurat - Khaar

Aurat (OH-RUT), meaning “Women” in Urdu, is a music group based in Los Angeles, CA.

Non-traditional sounds, raw energy, multilingualism.

12″ MiniAlbum / Digital Album

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