Denovomutans - Music for Cyborgs

At last mankind was joined under one standard. The United World Alliance had established itself as the ultimate authority on the planet. No more borders. No more wars. We learned to worship the satellite weapons orbiting over our heads. Our angels in the sky. Keepers of the peace.

Until the resource crisis came. There were simply too many of us for the planet to sustain anylonger. The outbreaks started without warning and death washed over the earth like a biblical plague, leaving billions of corpses in its wake. The great plague had been engineered by our benevolent leaders… none other than the UWA. Enraged, the population of the world united and we rose against them, determined to wrench the cure from their bloodied hands. Determined to make them pay for their callous omnicide.

But we didn’t stand a chance. We had forgotten how to make war. They unleashed their automatons against us and we were slaughtered like cattle. The remaining world was nothing but pain, slavery, and death. We abandoned hope, we had no future.

But a prototype slept deep in the wastes that could destroy the UWA. Something they feared so much they tried to wipe it from existence and memory. S.C.O.M. went online and from the scorched expanse came a horde of flesh and steel that laid waste to the drones. The next stage in human evolution had risen from its sleep… man and his technology… weaponized… one. The Cyborg was born.

Does this new force of destruction come to liberate us? Or bring us doom? In the burning skies the trumpets of the final judgement sound, and the music they play is Music For Cyborgs.

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