Zanye East vs Cyborgs on Crack

Cyborgs On Crack is a Croatian “one-man-band” started in 2010 by Domagoj Krsic. Originally started as a self proclaimed “industrial” band with a goal to try and create music that barely resembled music, COC has evolved into a band that combines high energy dance music with catchy synth pop melodies, mutated sound textures, bizarre samples, and has been compared to bands such as New Order and Severed Heads. Cyborgs On Crack also produces psychedelic computer animations that add visual elements to the recordings.

Zanye East is one among the plethora of monickers and stage names used by Zane Michael O’Brien, A&R, and head of ESCC9 Escape Sirius Cybernetics Corporation. Zane has recorded twenty six full length LPs under aliases Fauxmusica, Sacred Star (Collaboration with Gus Maiden and Lauren James), CyberChrist&Crucifixion (Collaboration with David Atlas), a three piece band, Folding Pyramid (backed by Zevan Rosser and Leah Christopherson), as well as his DJ and remix craftmanship under his IXΘΥΣ pseudonym.

He has lived in places such as Indonesia, Bangkok, Singapore, New York City, San Francisco, Atlanta, and moonlighting as an English teacher in Istanbul, Turkey. He has offered and been offered productions and remixes from various affiliated artists Enix Inri, A V G V S T, Central Asian Nervous Systems, Argon Cowboy, PrismViews, ▼RIL Y▲ and Cyborgs On Crack.

Digital Album

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Various Artists - Wavecore 5

Here’s the latest compilation from Anywave featuring tracks from Sphyxion (France), Die Ufer (France), Imavizion Direq (Canada), Our Fortress (France), Spatial Relation (USA), Froe Char (Italy), Bring Her (USA), EDH (France), Atariame (Russia), †zxz† (Ukraine), Den Nya Borgen (Sweden), mnttab (Australia), Les Hôpitaux (France), Volcan (France), Puce Moment (France) and Fléau (France).

Limited Edition CD / Digital Album

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The parisian duet Maninkari started their project Sphyxion in 2011 as they wanted to reconnect with their minimal/cold/new wave influences (Mute Records from the early 80s, 4AD and Stevo’s Some Bizarre are part of their references).

For 3 years the band kept experimenting until they delivered the final version of this retro-futuristic music, exploring the tension between past and future.

Their first album is a sort of fiction about events that may have happened but somehow didn’t.

Limited digipack edition of 200.

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Tropical Horses - Mirador

Here’s the first album of Tropical Horses, a noise, garage, punk, lo-fi, ambiant, electronic and minimalist project from Paris, France.

12″ vinyl limited to 300 copies.

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Schonwald - Dream For The Fall

Schonwald is an Italian duo formed by Alessandra Gismondi (vocals, bass) and Luca Bandini (guitar, synth and drum machine).

Schonwald is all about atmospheres: hypnotic minimalist mood and a noise inclination with echoes of Suicide, New Order, The Cure, mingling with synth melodies straight from the 80’s.

Four years after their debut album Amplified Nature (February 2009, Pocket Heaven Records – Lux), followed by several tours all through Europe, a double single, Mercurial (2013, Hozak Records), several tracks released on compilations, and finally their 2014 summer single Rays (on Anywave), Schonwald is back with Dream for the Fall, their second LP (coproduced by Anywave and Manic Depression Records), walking along their own singular line within the European darkwave scene.

Alessandra and Luca deeply drew their inspiration from the unique atmosphere of their hometown, Ravenna, from its swamps and lagoons, from the mist which often veil the surface of the water. All this gives an album full of synthetic chiaroscuros, an hypnotic melancholy streaked by brilliant pulsations.

Listen and order here.

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