This Is the Bridge - Nothing Is Permanent

THIS IS THE BRIDGE graced 0.5’s catalogue back in 2013 with the debut s/t mini-album of chilling instrumental music. as a debut, it fared pretty well as the label’s most successful diy release that year.

Originally appearing as “The Bridge” with this “This is the Bridge” as the debut album’s title, the extended name was later adopted for subsequent releases. And this is the bridge indeed – it’s a crosslink of intent. Idealism complementing retro-futurism today tomorrow.

0.5 is happy to present a collection of 10 pieces, some that previously appeared in TITB’s digital catalogue while others are completely new and exclusive, gathered together for this new physical release. A selection of up-tempo numbers reflecting a state between dream and nightmare, the thin line that encourages us to consider what tomorrow brings and perhaps change it.

Limited edition of 50.

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Digital download w/printable B2 visual, commemorating the 35th anniversary since the passing of Ian Curtis.

Listen and download here.

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Earthquakes Usually Come Around At Night

Active between 2009 – 2015, 1/2 (in recent years re-defined as “I/II”), concentrated on visuals and minimal electronic pop music.

In parallel to his own audio-visual activities (musically, also under the pseudonyms “Split Personalities”, “The Fall Guy” and “Dissident” plus in the graphic design dept., as “Nieuw NDG”), he started an accompanying label – 0.5, releasing work by other artists as well. After a fertile period of five years during which he himself delivered a number of test recordings, singles, EPs and mini-albums (some of which also appeared on various international labels), 1/2 decided to call it a day in 2015, releasing his very last studio mini-album/EP “Earthquakes Usually Come Around At Night”.

He now records under the name Iv/An.

Listen and order here. Also available on Totally Wired Records.

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Zarkoff - EP

EP is the latest release from Zarkoff, also known for running Sensorium Studio in Zagreb, Croatia, and being involved in Sumerian Fleet, Florence Foster Fan Club and Popsimonova & Zarkoff.

CD-R edition limited to 50 copies (just a few copies left).

Listen and order here.

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