Solitude FX

Back in 2007 we released a 10″ mini LP with Solitude FX under the alias of Solitairen Effekten… featuring only German sung minimal elektro tracks with a slight hint of NDW… “sfx” is another collection of songs by the German duo… this time much more new wave orientated… and even more melancholy as before… but it is not only sadness and solitude these songs have to offer… there is also romance and devotion streaming through them…

The minimal and lo-fi character of the production only serves the songs in being authenthic and straight from the heart… less is more proves again to be quite true…

For the artwork Dutch visual artist Hans de Wolf photographed some of his wood sculptures… which fit amazingly well to the mood and feeling of the music…

Listen here and order here.

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Here’s the latest digital release of this very prolific progressive-occult-ghost-wave artist from England.

Listen and download here.

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Void Vision - Sour

Void Vision is a Philadelphia based solo female Minimal Synth / Cold Wave project from Shari Wallin.

Already included by Rough Trade in their seminal Synth Wave compilations, the single is anticipating her full lenght ‘Sub Rosa’, out for Mannequin Records later in 2014.

Remix by Vanzetti & Sacco aka Jos Van Galen with the Otto Kraanen, the boss of the acclaimed Bordello A Parigi from Rotterdam! TIP!

Limited Edition of 300 copies on aqua vinyl.

Listen and order here.

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Olympia, Washington’s political post-punk outfit Underpass uses a minimalist approach to craft songs about isolation, displacement and gentrification. Formed in 2013 by Alexander Miranda, the band’s creative force behind the quartet, and his cohorts, who’s names are withheld due to border issues, N.C (bass) D.L (synths) and M.W: (floor tom and snare), create dark heavy punk at its best by incorporating large atmospheric synths, deep echoing bass lines with “Robert Smith kissed” guitar compositions and haunting vocals.

Recorded in Vancouver, BC over the course of two sleepless days and nights by Josesph Hirobiashi, then mastered By Mell Dettmer (Earth, Sunn O))), Assimilation is nothing short of a call to action. On “Stranger” Miranda recalls the cities where he came of age such as Vancouver, Seattle and Olympia that have since come and gone and he no longer recognizes due to the intense wave of development that surged through the region in the early 2000’s and still continues today. “Side” reflects more personal experience recalling a time where a friend was assaulted and stabbed multiple times while on public transit in Southern California.

Underlying the record as a whole, Miranda draws on his personal experiences growing up in a politically charge Native American family where he experienced cultural displacement, personal conflict and of course assimilation. “I really admire writers who can create songs that mean something different to everyone,” explains Miranda. “With Assimilation I tried to accomplish this by allowing the each listener to connect to the record in different ways by internalizing their own experiences and relating to it in their own unique way.”

Listen and order here.

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Invitation to Love

From London, UK, this is Labours of Love’s debut single of finely honed synthetic outbursts.

Listen and download here.

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