Vanity Drum - A Bygone Memory

This album is a collection of recordings which took place in the last two years, primal ideas and tracks that were discarded to be used due to the fact that didn’t fit the right feeling and sound of my other projects. So at some point after i managed to finish these first demo recordings, what came up was some new versions of a warm fragile simplicity which was enough to fuel the spark and finally make this release a reality.

Cassette / CD / Digital Album

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Geometry Combat - Storm Of Death

Geometry Combat delivers a dangerous steel-crafted artillery embroidered with a metal of blackened drum beats, provoking the utter destruction of religious madness, shadowing over the corpse of a diluted heaven…

12″ / CD / Digital Album

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Nightstop - Return to Synth City

NightStop hails from Jyväskylä, Finland to bring you fresh new retro 80′s electric sounds.

Music is strongly influenced by blast from the 80′s cyberpunk movies, videogames and beautiful girls with big hair. NightStop is specifically intended for your hifi stereo casetteplayer as you drive your Ferrari F40 into Miami nights.

Digital Album

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Supernova 1006 - Unique World

Here’s the latest release from Supernova 1006, a neo-post-punk / cold-wave band from Khabarovsk, Russia.

Digital Album

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Cosmo Cocktail - Atmosphere Zero

Cosmo Cocktail is an 80′s inspired synthwave music producer and DJ . Files under the flag of retro futurism and an endless love for the 80s electronic music.

CD / Digital Album

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