Isolated Versions is a new single ep with five wonderful covers OMS did time ago for 2 eternal classics from the past + 3 french covers.

Digital Album

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eNiB ‎– Cut

Strong colors with shades born from black, passing through purple and into electric blue for a musical experience ranging from coldwave to electro dark, from minimal wave with touches of techno noir and synth wave up to industrial holograms. The artistic experience is not enough to limit the fence in which eNiB moves, a singer since 2013 in the seminal Roman post-punk band of Echoes of Silence.

The opening words are a call-to-arms with those who are not satisfied with everyday life and its contemporary banality. There is much more to discover beyond the fence, there is much more to experience by not being satisfied with the typical malaise of those who suffer the discomfort due to “political correctness”, the clear distinction between black and white, to embrace the comfortable and comfortably insensitive, disturbed flow of life.

CD / Digital Album

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Minuit Machine & Hante. ‎– Split

“Split” is a compilation of tracks from MINUIT MACHINE + HANTE., exclusive for Brasil to WAVE FESTIVAL CARNIVAL tour 2020.

CD / Digital Album

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Thymian – Self-titled

Playing a brand of New Wave/Post Punk inspired by bands like Gold Class, Drab Majesty or electro pop legends Depeche Mode, Zurich based THYMIAN features the multi-instrumentalist Josip Tijan. As several changes in his life occurred, THYMIAN used his music and creative drive as a valve to process the experiences he made during this time. It is a record of change and self-reflection.

The 4-track EP was recorded and produced by himself in a cozy corner of his bedroom in Zurich, Switzerland. The rich baritone voice, driving basslines and reverb drenched guitars are only some of THYMIAN’s distinct trademarks.

10″ EP / Digital Album

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Dancing Plague – Too Still

Dancing Plague’s music is fitted with an exoskeleton of darkness that shields any and all light from entering. Oddly, though, this sheath of industrial electronics doesn’t impart a chilly vibe, rather an uncomfortably humid one. They evoke anxiety with their very name, and coax you into this fear by virtue of their compellingly constructed locomotion.

LP / Digital Album

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