Temple - Self Ritual Torture

Here’s the third album of Temple, a death rock band from Portland, Oregon, USA.

CD / Digital Album

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Bedroom Talks - Quiet Shelter

Bedroom Talks is a pretty young, Minimal Synth project from Lviv / Ukraine. This is their official debut album and merges an early, self-produced EP with all new, previously unreleased tracks in a nervous, minimelancholic release. [equilibriummusic.com]

CD / Digital Album

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Edges - Fragmentia

Edges is the is the solo project of Nick Ruvalcaba, an American musician based in Madrid.

CD / Digital Album

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Hammershøi - Cathédrales

Hammershøi is a French Synth duo born out of confinement and human-machine communication. Their musical style is based on music from the 80’s (Minimal Synth, EBM, French Wave, Synth Wave) and some artistic influences such as German expressionism, word art, and painting.

CD / Digital Album

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Nul Telexes - Menhir

Synth, guitar and drum machine music from Liverpool, England.

Digital Album

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