XelaM - Rock And Roll

XelaM are an Italian New Wave Electro Music duo formed in the early 1980s, consisting of Monik & Mr. Alex. After many years Monik and Mr. Alex reunited as XelaM to play together in 2018.

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Death Loves Veronica – Lucid Dreams

Veronica Campbell is an award-wining writer and filmmaker. She has composed and performed music for several years with punk, post-punk, and deathrock acts. This solo project includes a variety of synthesizers and experimental methods–to give a dark electronic feel reminiscent of the new wave 80s and the electronic post-punk movement.

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Ash Code, Geometric Vision, Hapax - Live In Freiburg

Ash Code is an Italian Dark Wave band formed in 2014 in Napoli by the singer Alessandro Belluccio, the keyboardist Claudia Nottebella and the bass player Adriano Belluccio. Ash Code music covers a wide range of genres including post-punk, Synthpop and EBM.

Geometric Vision take form in 2012 in Naples. Ago Giordano, after several electro-darkwave music experiments decided to create a real band with Gennaro Campanile on bass and Roberto Amato on guitar.

Hapax is a post-punk and synth wave from Italy founded in 2014. Their music could be categorized as post-punk, cold wave and synth wave.

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Geometric Vision - Virtual Analog Tears

Geometric Vision Is a band formed by Ago Giordano, Roberto Amato and Gennaro Campanile. Ago started composing songs and lyrics reflecting dark and nostalgic atmospheres typical of dark and cold wave, but with a modern attitude which draws inspiration from contemporaneous German and British minimal synth experiments.

After a while he decides to create a real band which takes more substantial form after having experienced several line up changes… With Gennaro Campanile playing bass guitar and Roberto Amato on guitar everything seems to work out.


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Ash Code - Posthuman

Ash Code is the moniker for the meeting of Alessandro’s sensivity and Claudia’s taste. Their music describes a collage of darkwave, noise and electronic music with a solid drum machine. Dark ballads and obsessive beats, deep and melancholic synths, noise and distortions, arpeggiators and delays. Lights and shades. Dances of Death. Visions and theatricality. Coded ash.

Edition of 1000 CD.

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