Ploho ‎– Пыль

Ploho is a post-punk band from Novosibirsk, Russia founded in 2013. The band is famous for its perfect balance between cold intense and depressive sound and danceable synth-pop rhythms. Their lyrics balance between acute social issues and romanticism.

Ploho is the undisputed leader in the Russian post-punk scene and now regularly performs in Europe. In 2018, the album “Where the Birds Fly Away to Die” entered the top 25 best albums of the year of the radio rating.

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Tristán B. - Porcelain

Tristán B. is the one-man Synth Pop / Post-Punk project of Antonio R. based in Mexico City. Its sound is inspired by early 80s Synth Pop and Minimal Synth bands as well as the “Revival” sound of the current bands. The most of his songs are interpretations of ideas of philosophers like Byung-Chul Han or Zygmunt Bauman, emphasizing his concern for the current condition of “disposable” of human relations and therefore of individual in himself, leading him to self-exploit under the premise “Yes, you can” or “Do it”, as if his success or failure depended only on him and not on the social-cultural framework to which he belongs.

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Ritual Veil - Wolf In The Night

Take the familiarity of new wave, post punk and synthpop and throw a sexbeat and goth subculture cloak over it. Add a kind of starry-eyed new romantic feel to the whole mixture, and this is where Portland, OR trio, Ritual Veil, come in.

Ritual Veil have emerged with a solid six-track EP which explores those styles while sounding intuitive and honest. It’s been a while since the last time we’ve listened to a release on which each and every individual track could be a standout single, and this upcoming band’s debut EP is one of those cases.

Despite the strongly stylized aesthetics and trust on the traits and sounds of the past, Wolf In The Night surfaces sounding fresh, founded on the trio’s impeccable artistic taste, throbbing beats and alluring synths, as well as a striking vocal delivery that always seem to carry a touch of melancholy.

Goth club frequenters and very early Depeche Mode and New Order devotees, sit up for this one.

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Supernova 1006 - Dope For Human

2 new tracks from the leading Russian darkwave band. First track is powerful post-punk hymn, while the second track reveals to us the experimental side of the duo. Six and a half minutes of pure pleasure!

7″ / Digital Album

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m-fast - Videoband

Heavily inspired by aesthetics of golden ages of the 70′s and 80′s, sci-fi movies and old-school computer games as well as works by Kraftwerk, Georgio Moroder and Tangerine Dream, m-fast utilized vintage analogue equipments to create its own version of weird retrowave music. Videoband manages to blend disco, synth-pop and ambient sounds into a delicious cocktail of pleasant nostalgia.

Cassette / Digital Album

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