Tristán B. - 山寨 (shanzhai)

Tristán B.‘s minimal, shady and melodic analog synthetic sound, joins the dots between synth-wave, synthpop and minimal synth, with gloomy post-punk leanings underneath, often enriched with thoughtful literary and philosophical lyrics, delves deeper into twisting and mesmerizing introspective and achingly emotional moody synth-laden sonic realms engulfed in dense hazy shades of gray, as grainy and faded old photographs, steeped in a sombre aura of endless melancholy and timeless heartbreaking memories. [Whitelight//Whiteheat]

Cassette / Digital Album

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Tristán B. - Porcelain

Tristán B. is the one-man Synth Pop / Post-Punk project of Antonio R. based in Mexico City. Its sound is inspired by early 80s Synth Pop and Minimal Synth bands as well as the “Revival” sound of the current bands. The most of his songs are interpretations of ideas of philosophers like Byung-Chul Han or Zygmunt Bauman, emphasizing his concern for the current condition of “disposable” of human relations and therefore of individual in himself, leading him to self-exploit under the premise “Yes, you can” or “Do it”, as if his success or failure depended only on him and not on the social-cultural framework to which he belongs.

Cassette / Digital Album

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