Stockhaussen - Cold Lines

A great pleasure to present the debut album of one of the musical pillars within the minimal synthwave and dark electronics style in the world actually, who operates from his native Mexico being this one of the most influential countries within the Latin American scene called Stockhaussen “Cold Lines”.

LP / Digital Album

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Neue Strassen - Modern Zeiten

Werner Karloff is an artist located in México city , his musical style is based on music from artists like Stratis , Andy arroganti ,circuit 7 etc… also some artistic influences such as Futurism, Constructivism and German Expressionism.

Neue strassen is a band formed by Dan Shamble (guitar) and Werner karloff (synthetizer , voice). His musical style is influenced by NDW scene and the minimal synth scene in the mid-80s in general. The band name was taken from the song Neue Strassen of Metropackt.

LP / Digital Album

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Memorias de un Continente

This is the first release of a sequel from varied, a collection of acts inside The Latinoamerican scene.

Memories of a continent is a EP 12” what groups about some bands of new style of Synth wave, Minimal wave, Synth punk, Cold electronics; this is a different proposal with México, Brasil, Argentina, Colombia, Ecuador, Venezuela, Cuba y Perú included.

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Ståltråd -Toner från det stora Alvaret

This is a compilation of tracks recorded between 2001-2014. The recordings took place on Öland, Kalmar and in Stockholm. With roots in punk, Ståltråd turned completely electronic in early 2000 but has always strived to keep it minimalistic and punk. Lyrics is about every day life. Mainly about boredom, emotions and politics. Thanks for all your support out there.

Edition of 100 cassettes.

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Different Places

Here’s the 6th release of Infravox Records featuring a split with Sine City and Pastfutures. Sine City is a synth duo from Stockholm, Sweden. Pastfutures is a combined effort of Expect Delays and Tinyturmoil.

Edition of 120 cassettes.

Listen and order here.

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