Kline Coma Xero – Movement Study

More than a collection jewel is the example that good music with analog synthesizers has not ceased to exist, the “movement study” is a magnificently complete album within the minimal synthwave genre. One of the jewels of the minimal synth underground scene Tony Williams returns with a musical reserve.

LP / Cassette / Digital Album

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Memorias de un Continente III

The last compilation that counts on the participation of South American acts and guests from Europe and North America, seems the end of a sequel of varied of the current scene synthwave minimal, electronics, synthpunk, minimal wave and cold electronics of our continent.

We fulfilled our mission in 3 years, a compilation for year, we hope that the bands have become more known each time and we thank all those who have trusted us.

Digital Album

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GOTE - The Last Sessions

One of the new acts within the scene synthwave minimal electronics is Giorgi Sirabidze, who combines aggressive notes synth punk with dark minimal, something different from his music are the notes for which he bet very rises and personal.

LP / Cassette / Digital Album

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Stockhaussen - XXI

The album starts during 21st century (XXI), Lo-fi music, electronic & cold sound, experimenting in the new communication era, the connections between the machines and the humans through the music, showing a reinterpretation of the past in the present.

We have reached, “Pasado y Futuro” is the border, new structures of music to equilibrate the sensations and the mind to know another part of the universe, as though we were travelers of time with the possibility to go to different spaces of this reality.

We’re at the end of the road, Inmatfabrik is the last stop, it’s electronic body music, It is really a renaissance. It’s time to take a rest… But not for a long time.

LP / Digital Album

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Doric - A Distorted Reality

Doric is the moniker of Stathis Leontiadis (Human Puppets, Data Fragments,Exetix,Plexiglas).

Being involved in various avant garde/underground music projects since 1996, intrigued by the ‘all’ analogue mentality of the late ’70s – early ’80s music field, he is passionatelly commited to vintage synths and machines, creating a very distinctive style and considered by many as a “specialist”. “A Distorted Reality”,his second LP (overall,his fourth physical release) and probably the gloomiest/darkest of all his work,is a rather ominus view of the future,through the lens of self-determination and self-redirection.

The loss of dreams described as an everyday personal death that distorts and perverts our charisma,is the main theme in every inch of this record.Doric once again, collaborates with Pascal (Foucault, Noisetoy, Ludmilla) and Valisia Odel (Phoenix Catscratch, Strawberry Pills, Father Breath) and empowers the inclusive aura of the Album with complex New wave features and delicate dark wave chimes.

LP / Digital Album

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