Autumns - Mouth Closed

Electro EBM techno from Ireland.

Digital Album

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Autumns - Tasteless

Los Angeles Underground Rave Association (LA.U.R.A.) is proud to present the 6th installment of its ongoing split series, “Tasteless”. This round brings together Irelands golden-child Autumns with LA’s own Smog Index. Autumns are perfectly adding to his long list of killer releases while this is the debut from Smog Index. “Tasteless” brings both artists together, each with unique takes on aggro post-punk electronics that are both ready for the club but also a sewer.

Digital Album

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Autumns - DSS Dubplate

Hot on the heels of this year’s ‘Dyslexia Sound System’ album, Touch Sensitive is thrilled to share a three-track companion piece from Autumns – ‘DSS Dubplate’.

Autumns is the solo project of Derry’s Christian Donaghey. With a relentless release rate that mirrors the energy and intensity of his live shows, Donaghey has submitted a selection of skewed star turns for the likes of iDEAL, Death & Leisure, and Opal Tapes since his debut on Regis’ Downwards label in 2014.

Much like it’s companion LP, ‘DSS Dubplate’ is heavily inspired by the On-U Sound label, the productions of Adrian Sherwood, and that cultural and musical sweet spot when the rockers met the post-punk crowd. Donaghey’s whip-crack beats, heavily effected vocals, shredded no-wave guitar, and clarinet squalls are shaped and shifted further into the endless expanse by his dubwise techniques on the board. As always with Donaghey’s productions – these rhythms grip tight and don’t let loose until the needle is on the run-out groove.

Full-throttle! Autumns non-stop!

10″ / Digital Album

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Autumns - Inherent Design

Inherent Design consists of eight unreleased tracks culled from hours of live home recordings made throughout 2019/20. It’s a stern concoction of gritty EBM, street-grade hi-NRG, and impulsive acid with interjections from Alan Vega-meets-Gibby Haines vox, fluctuating between anxiety and euphoria.

Digital Album

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Autumns - Dyslexia Sound System

Autumns Meets Post-Punkers Uptown. A couple of years after the Dyslexia Tracks EP, and following a volley of killer releases on labels such as Ideal, Death & Leisure, and Opal Tapes, Autumns returns to Touch Sensitive with perhaps his most complete set to date. Pitching down the BPM but maintaining the intensity of his recent recorded output and incendiary live shows, Dyslexia Sound System sees Christian Donaghey turn the edit on himself with a grip of eight dub-wave zingers.

Pulling from his love of On-U Sound, The Pop Group, and Public Image Limited, Dyslexia Sound System perfectly fuses dubbed-out dynamics with the tough and unrelenting electronics that has become Autumns’ signature sound. Guitars squall, clarinets skronk, vocals echo, roto-toms repeat, and – as always with Autumns – rhythm is king. Dyslexia Sound System is the sickest handbrake turn in Autumns’ relentless and wired journey to date.

LP / Digital Album

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