Poison Point - Bestiensäule

Poison Point is born in the form of a one man-machine band in 2015 and operated by french boy Timothée Gainet. It features screaming synths hammered by a frantic drum machine, topped by tim’s echoed vocal to rule over the dance floor fog. Since august 2016 Poison Point is a two piece band, join by Arnaud Derochefort on keyboards, live drum machine and programming.

12″ EP / Digital Album

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Demand - Beauty Of Decay

Demand is a reactivated Cold Wave, Post Punk Electronic, New Wave, EBM, Minimal Synth project from the 80s by Thomas P. Heckmann, a key figure of early and contemporary German Techno, EBM-Techno and Acid, Thomas P. Heckmann has shaped the landscape of electronic music since the very beginning! His huge success as DRAX LTD.II – AMPHETAMINE, KNARZ – TANZMASCHINE, SILENT BREED – SYNC IN, WELT IN SCHERBEN, AGE, EXIT 100 aso. set standards and beyond in the under- and overground!

12″ EP / Digital Album

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Blac Kolor - Sacred

Black is not a color. Black is the mixture of all the colors. The range of the spectrum is set. The emphasis of the tone is uncertain. The inner conflict happens on the ground of an opencast pit. Metal drills into rocks mechanically and bears its own rhythm. What is digged has no color. The energy is black.

12″ / Digital Album

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Sixth June - Without A Sign

Sixth June is a synthpop band from Berlin with origins in Belgrade, formed in 2007 by Laslo Antal and Lidija Andonov. Lidija Andonov (born 1982 in Belgrade) is an actress and singer who graduated in Academy of Arts in University of Novi Sad, Laslo Antal is a film maker, musician and visual artist.

Digital Album

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Azar Swan - Savage Exile

Formerly the core members of orchestral goth project Religious To Damn, Zohra Atash and Joshua Strawn turn their once instrumental ensemble into a sprawling electro-encased duo whose narrative is framed by noise and driven by drum machine.

Industrial Pop: Two parts hard percussion and shimmering ambience, and one part majestic yet pointed vocals. The shift was sparked by a two-fold realization from Atash and Strawn who were looking to consolidate the writing process by eliminating the unnecessary weight that comes with coordinating multiple musicians, combined with a mutual revived interest in electronic music and hip-hop beats.

LP / Digital Album

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