Balloon Boy

Balloon Boy is the New Orleans-based duo of vocalist Nannen Gatchell and instrumentalist Kelby Clark. Nannen and Kelby played together in the post-punk group Smiler, and Kelby also performs under the names Divorce Ring and Material Body (both projects had tracks on DKA Tape Programme Vol. II). Inspired by the post-punk and DIY pop music movements of the 70’s and 80’s, they take a live and direct approach to recording by tracking straight to tape using an assemblage of primitive analog instruments.

Balloon Boy was born while the duo were living in Valdosta, Ga. The project was put on hiatus after the instrumentals for their self-titled debut EP were lost in early 2016. The recordings were found after four years and a relocation to New Orleans. The lyrics for the material were then rewritten and recorded during the Spring of 2020. Musically the aesthetic and strong song writing sensibility of minimal synth projects like Kitchen & the Plastic Spoons, Absolute Body Control, and Crash Course in Science is on display. While Nannen’s vocals evoke classic goth vocalists like Siouxsie, Dinah Cancer, and Jeanette Landray of the Glove. DKA is so excited to release Balloon Boy’s debut cassette containing six songs and one dub mix. We look forward to future projects & releases from Nannen and Kelby!

Cassette / Digital Album

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Antoine Garrec - Plastique Sahara

Distag is very proud to present this beautiful musical UFO from the Bigouden country. The cassette release is a co-production of Distag (Vannes), Disques Anonyme (Rennes) and Cool Raoul (Brest). In short, a pure Breton product…

12″ / Cassette / Digital Album

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Unhuman & Petra Flurr - Cause Of Chaos

She Lost Kontrol is thrilled to announce the debut full length album by the collaboration between the Berlin based producer Unhuman and the performer – activist Petra Flurr. The two artists return to the label after their single releases in the two volumes of Surviving in Europe and for Unhuman, after his mighty Aktion Mutante ep in collaboration with Violet Poison back in 2018.

Marking our 14th instalment on the label, ‘’Cause Of Chaos ‘’ comprises eight tracks filled of energy and steeped in to gothic nostalgia and electronic body music. The well-known artists create a mix of post-punk and synthesizer electronics shaped by their uncompromised textures, that glides through genres with ease and combines modern style with retro goodness. An abstract style of contamination seldom seen within the modern music spectrum.

The Deutsch Italo- Griechisch duo offers us an immersive, futuristic and solid sound, inspired by the music which the two artists grew up with, following a natural evolution to their roots in post-punk, electronic and guitar music. Absolutely an album that will find its space on the shelves of passionate collectors of DAF, Liaisons Dangereuses, Virgin Prunes and beyond.

LP / Digital Album

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Violetiger - Transformation

The debut from this Vienna based duo finds Violet Candide aka Peppy Pep Pepper, also from Mitra Mitra teaming up with the enigmatic Tigerlilly to bring us 5 tracks of stark, hook-filled, DIY, minimal synth greatness. A stellar introduction to this new project.

12″ / Digital Album

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Inspired by the electronic, analog, cold, fast and powerful sounds in each of their tracks, they create a dark, danceable and furious atmosphere, which led them to create the project: E N T R E M E N T I R A S, arriving with their sounds mixed from minimal wave, synth punk and EBM.

Cassette / Digital Album

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