PC World - Order

Under exhausted lights of civil discontent the count has just began. What you parodied, what you scrutinised rears its pure gaze when punctured beyond performance. We cried for justice but instead found order, and now we face the chain.

PC World comes through with a haunting EP on She Lost Kontrol to distort the view and warp the vision of industrial addicts and mutant punks with their second release “Order”, a discursive counterattack on four distinct forms of command. The South London duo disfigures the unconscious reduction of pleasure and fetish, the connective tissue between privatisation and violence, the seduction of societal norms, and the neurotic tendencies of self-defeat. Like the surrender to a future shock, these four interwoven tracks are produced for the recognition of restraint and the demand for wanting more.

B-side remixes of the title track “Order” come from Physical Wash (former member of High-Functioning Flesh) and Aktion Mutante (featuring members of Violent Poison and Unhuman), two additional perversions of protocol from synth-punk veterans on both sides of the Atlantic. So initiate these six cries of havoc in solidarity with this wasted world, a world of precarious necessity and incessant definition. A world whose shape and conscience will forever be satisfied by order.

EP / Digital Album

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The KVB - Immaterial Visions

We’re proud to announce a new release by the UK duo The KVB via our sub-label Cititrax. Combining shoegaze guitars, minimal synth melodies, hypnotic drum machine rhythms and reverb drenched vocals, The KVB was first formed in 2010 as the solo project of Klaus Von Barrel. He was later joined by his girlfriend Kat Day, who added synthesizers and abstract visual elements. Their sound can be described as dark, layered, complex and moody – an icy atmosphere juxtaposed by the warmth of distorted guitars. The record is pressed on 180 gram ultra clear vinyl, housed in a high gloss printed heavy sleeve, limited to 999 copies.

“A pulsing, dark, and complex album, “Immaterial Visions” has the slick production and modern new wave styling of the “Drive” OST, with the vaguely disconcerting sensuality of a Swans LP. The droning and distorted guitars, completely unintelligible vocals, and throbbing drum sound combine here to make a feverish listening experience. These tracks leave you somewhere between uneasy and turned on.”

LP / Digital Album

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Control Room - Options

Recorded during the unyielding haze of the pandemic, Control Room’s new EP “OPTIONS” features dark, propulsive synth melodies and haunting vocals that evoke the masters of early post-punk and new wave. The opening track, We’ve Been Here Before is a laser-guided missile of love and hopelessness that will be lodged in the brain for weeks after a few listens. Are We All Alone is the perfect anthem for the isolated and paranoid. Other tracks, Encounter and Balance, highlight Control Room’s successful combination of brooding vocals and gloomy pop instrumentation. Fans of Tubeway Army, Wire and Ultravox will find much to like in this EP.

Digital Album

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Black Dahlia - Animasochist

Black Dahlia is a Sydney based electronic music project fusing elements of new beat, EBM & industrial. Along with live and DJ performances in her native Sydney she has also released on labels such as Up North Records (Au), Deep Scan (Au), Insane Industry (Italy), Idlestates (Scotland), and soon to be Motorik Records (Au) as well as this first release on Berlin based X-IMG.

Her upcoming EP “Animasochist” on X-IMG is an explosion of sex, fetishism, and empowerment; samples from vintage sexploitation and pornographic films, interviews about fetishism, and 80s cinema milieu paired with the sounds of New Beat and EBM, which has become Black Dahlia’s signature sound. Digital release February 5th with tapes to ship shortly after.

Cassette / Digital Album

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Die Wilde Jagd: Bureau B Favorites

Compiled by Die Wilde Jagd for Bureau B.

Bureau B (sometimes quoted as Bureau-B) is an independent record label, music publisher and booking agency from Hamburg, Germany, founded in 2005 by Gunther Buskies (B for Buskies) as a sister label to Tapete Records. The label releases varieties of electronic, free-spirited music, with the spectrum ranging from pop to avant-garde. The label has amassed an extensive catalogue of reissues and new productions, including classics from the genre of electronic music in the 1970s and early 1980s popularly classified as Krautrock (Cluster, Roedelius, Moebius, Plank, Schnitzler), alongside new recordings by such formative artists as Faust, Kreidler , Roedelius, Tietchens, Moebius.

Digital Album

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