Living Temples - Against the Day

Living Temples is Stockholm native Kalle Fagerberg, also known from the French synth wave outfit Liste Noire (Genetic Music – DE) and his previous solo project The Blank VRS (Rainbow Bridge Recordings – USA). Against the Day is the second release from the Berlin-based musician and has been produced by himself and the Norwegian producer Ådne Meisfjord (Tropical Contact High, Serena Maneesh, 120 Days). This will be Living Temples first release on Manic Depression Records.

Living Temples is recognized for his synthesizer-drive oeuvre. Influenced by sounds such as SUICIDE, HONOLULU MOUNTAIN DAFFODILS, XIU XIU, DIRTY BEACHES and KINO, notable in his cinematic post punk built of loops, samples, drum machines and random, eclectic electronics. Performed live with sounds from Japanese synthesizers from the 1970s and an old DDR microphone, his music is a part of a new-wave celebration of the alternative breakdown of sound, a merging of old machines and with new synthesis known to have emerged out of the sprawling Berlin music scene.

He frequently tours Europe and after releasing the EP “The Pickpocket” in June 2016 he took to the United States and toured along its East Coast, and in January 2018 he made his Australian debut at the Oxford Art Factory in Sydney.

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Detachments - Chain of Command

Detachments is a dark, futuristic post-punk quartet hailing from Archway, London.

EP / CD / Digital Album

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MADMOIZEL - Play Bizarre

MADMOIZEL is a French composer, producer and machines-vocalist performer based in Paris. A classically trained pianist who began playing at six. From punk to queer, from expressionism to dandy-synth, from neo-classical to machine-vocal, MADMOIZEL works with different influences. Known for her captivating and powerful live-act, her lyrical & sliced voice turn her electronic into a drama scene & dancefloor new-wave.

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A Matter Of Concepts

A Matter Of Concepts is a very personal selection of songs by recent, active underground bands and artists that we love at DWR. Coming from UK, US, The Netherlands, Canada, France, Russia, Australia and ranging from post-punk to coldwave to synth-pop to indie. Fast paced and dancey or romantic and moody… there’s something for every soul here. We regard all of these songs as ‘instant classics’ and we bet that you’ll love them, too!!

LP / Digital Album

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Violet Poison / Bakunin Commando KESS08​/​VV008B

Sweden’s Kess Kill and Italy’s Veleno Viola join forces resulting in a (nowadays) rare vinyl split release, ie one side per label.

Violet Poison needs little introduction, being one of the first and most productive in the new new wave movement of industrial music. He helms the side Veleno Viola, coincidentally being his own label, with three songs of purist industrial with its feet in both body and rhythmic noise.

On Kess Kill’s side B, the very same Signore Baudazzi shows another side with his anarcho alias Bakunin Commando. Two tracks leaning heavily towards post-punk and proto-techno, raising the pulse far above the wholesome, in true Kess Kill manner.

12″ / Digital Album

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