This compilation is created as a companion to the event A Gathering Of Post-everything… an event in two parts in the city of Berlin on the 28th of June 2014. The artists on this compilation are all part of the afternoon performance session. The posters for this event can be found here

Some familiar names of the ET family are featured on this compilation but also some new ones… the music has links to a wide range of traditions like minimal music, techno, noise and electro-acoustic music… but all is done with an open mind… with the aim to create something that goes beyond the definitions and clichés of these styles…

Most copies of the tapes were given away for free to the audience at the event…

Listen here and order here.

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Spanish Boomerang EP

We are proud to announce the release of AMBROSE’s debut EP “Spanish Boomerang” on June 30th. Stream their new single Citadel Passage premiered on No Fear Of Pop.

Listen and order here.

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Replicanti - Smoke Mistress LP

Elements and influential contemporary minimal synth wave and italo disco 80s can find in this first release officially where versions of the “Lost Control” and “Forgot my name” by artists of the caliber of Kindest cuts , Nightbreed and Synth Allien respectively, album on limited edition cassette transparent (120 minutes) -hand numbered for collectors!

Listen and order here.

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Die Brücke

Ideally in transit between yesterday and today, between adolescence and maturity, between an arcadian dimension and a more actual reality made of mirrors and metal, here it is the sonic trip for these two singular characters, Zarkoff and Popsimonova, a taste of sci-fi retro comics, as the bridge of hyena plisskinn in Carpenter ’1997 escape from ny’ or the characters of the bridge of William Gibson, the master of cyberpunk american literature.
The minimal futurstic attitude is deformed, exagerated, distorted, in some case it becomes just a cold expressionism, violent sintetic colors as the sky of Munch, but the scream this time is purely electronic…

The bridge, this eternal symbol of passage, the union of opposite realities, in this case reflected itself in the music, with deep roots that lie in the past (for the analog instrumentation) and then leap into the future, materialized from essential and modernist musical structures. Each human being builds its own bridge, a piece at a time, and so it happens the magic of communication, it takes place. In Die Brucke it happens in the ideal musical dialog between this two singular characters, with their composite way to write songs.

In addition, for the first 100 copies of 12′, a 7 inch with two songs taken from 12′, Wal2Wall and the instrumental Azzurre, remixed and rearranged by L.A.S.’s Crime, another electronic duo borned in ’80s, as a subtle line between past and future. A special edition that will amaze you with its orange vinyl and shining package.

Marbled orange double vinyl, 12”-7”,155 grams for the 12” version.

Listen and order here.

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Paradox Obscur

Paradox Obscur’s debut self-titled album is now available for pre-order on Peripheral Minimal, presented in a jewelcase CD and limited to just 200 copies, with artwork by Frantz Schlusselhuber.

Paradox Obscur hail from Rhodes and feature members, ‘Kriistal Ann’ and ‘Toxic Razor’, they pride themselves, “on using exclusively, real hardware synthesizers & drum machines”. Soundwise they create unique Minimal Synth and Coldwave that can be compared to fellow Greek acts, ‘Selofan’ and ‘Human Puppets’, drawing on melancholic synthscapes and early eighties Coldwave.

Listen and order here.

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