Icy Cold Records: Parking Dance – Can’t Explain

Parking Dance - Can't Explain

After last year bursting debut album “What More?”, the Toulouse-based of diverse talents has kept on delving into the boundaries of his distinctive ‘spiral’ hypnotic post-punk sound rich in passion and intensity with a gripping combination of piercing reverb-strewn atmospheric shoegaze distortion and a hectic grip of rhythmic post-punk edge, weaving dilated enveloping layers with abrasive resounding strains, marked by deep convulsive pulsations into a thick tapestry of existential despair, anxiety, and anger in an intense, emotionally striking rollercoaster ride of ecstasy and pain, introspection and aggression, that will lure you far into a tumultuous trance of hypnotic rapture. [Whitelight//Whiteheat]

CD / Digital Album

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