Luminance - Sans Visage

New Wave / Synthpop / Dark Electronics from Brussels, Belgium.

Echoing drums in the distance, vaporous winds bearing the Old Voices, here to guide us through the coldness of the city, towards the ancestral light.

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Alek Drive - Frontière

Young 25 years old producer who started producing music in the south of France, he began his career at 21 after understanding that analog machines allowed him to create sounds differently than a contact between two physical objects, which is the case with traditional instruments.

Quickly, Alek bought his first synthesizers and spent days and nights to work on, absorbed by the vibrations of his electronic machines, until extracting the spirit of his own music. Exorcist of his own young asocial devils, and a no doubt vision of an iron and chaotic future, Alek Drive’s music fascinate by a powerful strike force and surgical precision.

After a first EP (“Master Of Road” on Police Records and “Endless” with Edgework), the young French producer decided to merge technique and concept, giving a deepest meaning to his creations. He then left the country for a road trip on the other side of the world, initiatory travel from Nullarbord desert gates to the west coast of the large Australian continent.

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Iron Court - Mechanisms

Dark rhythms, overdriven basses and binaural leads melted together: what comes out is an organic mixture ranging from electronic elements to industrial sounds combined with a mechanical techno approach, a running engine.

Iron Court is led by devotion in synthesizers: a continuous study of the instruments, the haunt for new timbral drifts and a computer drives everything in its place.

Siderurgical beats and working class melodies rise from the bunker and merge to build a blend of harshness and smoothness, a no-compromises trademark addressed to the gloomiest dancefloors.

Ears encaged, feelings annihilated. Few lights here, this music is colder than you think.

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Police Des Moeurs - Ceux Qui Restent

Montréal synth punk quartet Police Des Moeurs returns on Mannequin Records with a brand new full length entitled “Ceux Qui Restent”, the most dynamic and incendiary record of the group’s career, following the highly-acclaimed self-titled release from 2013.

While the first effort was mostly about how we’re all separate from each others, the second one is all about to getting over it and trying to fight it. As vocalist and synth player Francis Dugas explains: “most of the new LP is about links, love and caring (in PDM style, obviously). The title is «Ceux qui restent», which means «Those who stay» or something like that. Ceux qui vivent la tempête jusqu’au bout.”

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Feuerbahn - Suolo

Italy’s Feuerbahn return after over two years of silence. Their previous cassette, The Fire Dance released by Aufnahme+Weidergabe was a chaotic affair, an aspect that has been pushed to the side for Suolo (Italian for Soil), focusing instead on the somber, funeral march atmosphere that might just be the core of the band.

It’s difficult to describe the music of Feuerbahn. There are hints of post-punk, but they just as easily fit into the current wave of dark Italian neo-psych. On the one hand it’s quite majestic, but on the other hand the sheer filthiness of it invokes a feeling of utter despair. Like wandering the barren lands of a post-apocalyps Europa.

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