Droid Sector Decay - The Strategies Of Contradiction & Grotesque LP

This is the 4th album by Droid Sector Decay. 10 new songs based on 10 paintings created by Aleta Welling… each song a trip into Aleta Welling’s art.

DSD was formed in April 2009 as an one man project. Their first work called “Spread the VIRUS…Western DECAY” was influenced by the dark electro/industrial scene from the early 80′s with today’s modern twist of industrial sounds. In Sept 2011 a new member, Aubrey, joined making the band a duo. In Oct 2014 Betty Koster (Phantasm Nocturnes) joined in and she will become the third member of DSD.

Limited edition red cassette, comes in a standard grey case with a double-sided 2-panel j-card including 8-page booklet with lyrics & artwork by Aleta Welling plus a sticker & a flyer. CD comes in a digipak white case including 8-page booklet with lyrics & artwork by Aleta Welling. Disc presented in red vinyl format. Including also bonus cd, t-shirt, military cap, 10 cards, 2 posters & a sticker.

Listen and order here.

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