Sydney Valette - Home Alone

“Home Alone” is the Fruit of the Pandemic and heartbreaks, it is a return to basics, to how everything started in 2005: making music alone in a room, at home, preferably at Christmas hour…As usual, the variety of genres present in this album is a key factor to understand Sydney’s approach of music: painting a large range of emotions, despite the constant social need of artistic classification: Sydney doesn’t want to identify to a scene in particular…You will hear in this album Dark Wave, Ebm, Post Punk, Rave, Italo Disco, Ambient, the common denominator being always an underlying Pop vibe.

LP / Cassette / Digital Album

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Sydney Valette ‎– Brothers

Here are the musings of an old soul. Brothers is the latest release of Sydney Valette, torn between Synthwave and EBM, in the quest for the ultimate post-world brotherhood.

12″ / Digital Album

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Sydney Valette - How Many Lives

Sydney Valette’s 10 years’ anniversary album.

« How many lives »… can one have within a single life? wonders Sydney Valette from the start of his 5th delivery. Here are the musings of a young soul that managed to stay around for over a decade somewhere between the electro-goth scene and warehouse raves.

CD / Digital Album

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Sydney Valette - Space And Time

Here’s the latest 4 tracks EP from Sydnet Valette, a Cold Rave / Synth Wave solo project from Paris, France.

EP / Digital Album

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