Froe Char - Fossils

Something happened…
One erotic mouvement of lips in front of a devasted landscape. The mark of a sigh on a broken mirror. Emotions trapped in some vapor. The fossils are returned in a serein chaos.

Froe Char aka Italian / Parisian Christina is also known as 1/2 of the synth duo Illustration Sonore who has an amazing LP being released by the fantastic Medical Records label. There have been a pair of previous Froe Char releases of dark beautiful ambiance but with “Fossils” she takes the distorted haze and murk of her prior work and uses it as a texture amid percolating synths and minimalist rhythms. “Fossils” is the sultry minimal synth record for the experimental crowd or the noisy bleak record for the coldwave kids. I once heard someone say “you can’t dance to pain” but this record really proves otherwise.

This record is the first in a collaborative effort between Spielzeug Muzak and the excellent DIY label Modern Tapes from the US.

Listen and order here.

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Here we don’t talk about a music genre but about an attitude, a position. From the beginning in the 50′s withe “Nouvelle vague”, the aim is to find new forms beyond avant-garde and pop culture to express contemporary emotions, to show the diseases of the (post) modern world and to challenge norms and obsolete social orders (like bourgeoisie, religion, work, art..).

French new wave is also a passion for wandering, a general tendency for detachment and it always shared, of course, the DIY spirit. We can find this kind of nonconformism and this common taste for wasted grounds in some movies of Claude Chabrol, Jacques Rivette or Luis Bunuel as well as in the music of Polyphonic Size, Guerre Froide and Merci la Nuit.

With this first release on vinyl, this young musician from Saint-Etienne offers 6 minimal synth-pop songs filled with great sensibility, commitment and a lot of bitter sweet humor. The music is very personal and digs up very different synth music eras, from the 80′s raw analog sounds (with the famous Russian Polyvoks, the Roland 606/707 drum machines…) to the digital coldness of samples and techno kicks, to the more lo-fi minimal sounds (we can greet the presence of our beloved Casio VL-tone!). All those elements connected together are forming the sound of the nocturnal conspiracy of Merci la Nuit.

So let’s go for this night ballad in the city streets. It’s a bit foggy tonight…

Listen and order on Spielzeug Musak.

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A selection of parasite pop, unborn hits and obscure synth wave punk, carefully selected for your pleasure by Disco Kaos.

Toilettes Publiques 1

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