Ian Martin - Heartbeats

Here’s the latest release by Ian Martin, a minimal electronics artist / DJ from Rotterdam, Holland.

12″ / Digital Album

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Staatseinde ‎– Dreiheit

A long, long time ago an extraterrestrial music companionship landed on planet earth and decided to adopt the conformation of mankind and soon started creating music. Ten years later, after several crew changes and after sending their ship back home with the last separating extraterrestrial the two remaining members decided to stay on earth and become fully humanoid. The band discribes their music as ’Neue-Niederländische-Welle’, taken from the German ”Neue Deutsche Welle” genre. Their music follows a similar pattern as the NDW which originally derived from punk rock and new wave. The early band had a punk attitude and were highly influenced by rock and wave. The NDW has come to be acknowledged as a forerunner of electroclash, one of the styles the band was influenced by in their later days which also includes indietronic, digital hardcore and 90’s dancemusic. Since the departure of drummer Doctor Slacht-Zeuger and Frau Umlaut a new era with an even more electronic approach including sequencing and drum programming will be deployed.

EP / Digital Album

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