M/A/T - Jupiter

“Jupiter” is a metaphor and symbolises the momentary unattainability of certain goals, which however will be present sooner or later. In addition, the title of the 5 track EP is a current musical time recording of M/A/T and includes the previous single releases “Nueva Esperanza”, “Das Fundament” (#3 DAC Charts) and “Liaison”. The title track “Jupiter” and the remix of “Das Fundament” complete the EP release.

M/A/T is the electronic music project of Matthias Bischoff. He is a founding member of the former Hamburg SynthPop band Cyber and has been active as a DJ for many years. In the last years Matthias produced remixes for other bands and now decided to produce his own songs under the name M/A/T.

12″ EP / Digital Album

Posted on September 2nd, 2022 under Releases,