On this album the artist shows his own dystopic view on the random game of life. Black or white? women or men? sexuality? iq? state? religion? destiny or american dream? The darkness of this record’s sound doesn’t really leave a choice to answer. Between fast edged drums and off-key harmonics you get thrown into the ups and downs of a likewise horrible as appealing fever dream in seven sequences.

LP / Digital Album

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En Direct ‎- A Shattered Frame

A Shattered Frame is second EP from En Direct, a minimal-electro / EBM project from Germany.

12″ / Digital Record

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En Direct - Self-titled

Lunatic is back. After an almost three year hiatus we arise and bring you the five track debut EP of EN DIRECT. A true beacon for those who know and care. Five tracks of inbetween stuff: dark, bright and sincere.

EP / Digital Album

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