Mängelexemplar - Auf Und Davon

The Synth Wave Duo MangelExemplar ‘from Düsseldorf was founded in 2011. The music is influenced by the New Wave of the early 80s: analogue and melodious synth sounds paired with an authentic vocals typical of this genre.


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Equinoxious - Límite Voltaico

Rogelio Serrano has spent most of his time in an mastery exercise over analog electronics, voltage controlled connections and sound design through subtractive synthesis in the last five years, since the consolidation of his project.

Limite Voltaico is a disinterested album of the benefits and weaknesses offered by today’s times virtual technologies (digital synthesizers, and virtual synthesizers) . It’s an immediate contact with the early 80s minimal electronics / minimal synth sounds, a more strong facet in accordance with the musical influences of the Mexican.

In collaboration with the well know and multifaceted minimal synth artist :Kriistal Ann (Paradox Obscur) vocals on -Bakta- and the Brazilian singer: Juliana R. (Anvil Fx) on -Eclosão-.


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Silent Signals ‎- Infiltration Of Love

Here’s the latest release from Silent Signals, a minimal / coldsynth project from Dortmund, Germany.


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Delos - Microcosmos

Maybe you remember the debut 7inch by Delos from some years ago? Now at last there is a full length debut album – and you get served synth music pur sang. Spacious minimal synth tunes, some to dance to but many to trip away on…


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In late 1978 three young parisian students, crossed their way and passion regarding electronic music and analogue synthesizers. They formed a band, which popped up a few years ago named and now already known as LES INVALIDES. Because of health restrictions of one of the major members just only a few tracks has been recorded during their 3 year musical periode. After the death of Albert in 1981 the band dissolved and their musical content lost. The mini-LP “Au Revoir 1978-1981″ contains original versions and unreleased material, rescued and mastered from the original tapes.

KERNKRACH Records managed together in collaboration with Musique Dilettantique this project in memoriam of the members, which never reached their musical attention during their band-lifetime. Limited Edition of 300 records 180gr. (100 on white vinyl / 200 on black) packed in a strong grave cover….R.I.P.

Listen here and order here.

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