Forever Pavot -  L'Idiophone

Self-proclaimed studio rat, Forever Pavot knows exactly how to teleport elsewhere in a few chords. In “The Idiophone”, the art of storytelling takes about only three minutes to unfold. Each composition features the full soundtrack of a carefully dehydrated movie, restored to its initial volume in our stereo.

The album opens with a car chase, starring a scholarly gangster, and indulging in some engineering excentricities, such as keeping a cop’s siren in harmony throughout the song- despite the Doppler effect.

Perhaps it’s the bad lockdown speaking, but Emile Sornin’s place is a battlefield : he’s having a go at every object like family members. A clock is seemingly taking the piss at him, and it becomes the pretext for a fast-paced lesson in music theory and the effects of time on people. Read more…

LP / CD / Digital Album

Posted on April 18th, 2023 under Releases, ,