Factice Factory - Cherry Picker

Factice Factory is a French / Swiss band ,The project finds mainly its influences in the movements of the early 80′s such as Cold Wave, Minimal Wave and Post Punk.

This 7” contains two previously unreleased tracks, namely « Cherry Picker » and « Baustein ».

7″ / Digital Album

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Factice Factory - Lines & Parallels

This third album is to be seen as a natural evolution of the bands previous achievements, a certain form of continuity of the sound and particular athmosphere they have managed to establish and set, creating their own musical identity. The melancholy and gloominess of the first two albums is still present but has evolved, becoming rougher, sharper, with a form of urgence, like a summer storm approaching from the far outskirts of the city to rush down on someone’s head…

As the band was busy working on live performances the new songs inevitably inherited from this live approach of playing and singing, the aim became to be able to perform new materials during concerts and this can clearly be heard throughout the album’s tracks. On a musical side the band experienced with new pedals and a more upfronted bass playing. There is clearly a deeper focus to be heard on the use of guitars and bass guitars in this new release. The songs are still very existential and influenced by the eighties and the typical Post-Punk touch even if some songs may sound a bit more rock too sometimes… The composition of each track still emerged in a very natural and spontaneous way, mixing and confronting either French, German or English to the feeling of each track’s own identity and musical soundscape.

You can clearly identify two sides, two lines or parallels in this new opus, there is an electronic and more hypnotic side there with the very Neue Deutsche Welle. alike ”Leuchtturm”, the minimal film noir tribute ”Audran”, the very eighties sounding ”Sway” or the harsh industrial tainted ”Extinguisher”. The other so called line is to be heard in tracks such as the desperate and goose bumping ”Defeat”, the somehow oriental sounding ”Hatch End” or the melancholic end ballad ”The Weeping Willow”… These two parallel lines finally merge into one single and united sound pattern, a delight that will surely find its place in the ears of many dark music addicts.

LP / Digital Album

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Factice Factory - NADA

Second album that confirms the potential that the band had already expressed with the debut album “The White Days”.

This year, they have grown their reputation, without exploiting for this the militancy of Fabrice in Ranja, for the brave choice to be appreciated for the music they make and not because “they are members of …”.

In this album there are 10 tracks, sung in German, French and English, like the former one, to use the sound characteristics of each of these languages to express different moods.

Strictly limited to 150 copies. Comes in a jewel case. Not CDr but real CD (silver pressed).

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