eNiB ‎– Cut

Strong colors with shades born from black, passing through purple and into electric blue for a musical experience ranging from coldwave to electro dark, from minimal wave with touches of techno noir and synth wave up to industrial holograms. The artistic experience is not enough to limit the fence in which eNiB moves, a singer since 2013 in the seminal Roman post-punk band of Echoes of Silence.

The opening words are a call-to-arms with those who are not satisfied with everyday life and its contemporary banality. There is much more to discover beyond the fence, there is much more to experience by not being satisfied with the typical malaise of those who suffer the discomfort due to “political correctness”, the clear distinction between black and white, to embrace the comfortable and comfortably insensitive, disturbed flow of life.

CD / Digital Album

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