Neugeborene Nachtmusik - Komme, was kommen mag

Berlin based, but from Dutch origin, Neugeborene Nachtmusik has come up with two rather weird pieces… dancefloor friendly, playful and bold… call it Dada pop or anti-pop music… a different side of Neugeborene Nachtmusik as you might know from last years LP… but a seriously fun side… minimal synth sounds… but with a twist…

And… on our infamous Hex nights these two tracks would both have been mayor dancefloor fillers for sure!

Edition of 200 numbered copies.

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Kit n C.l.a.w.s - Desertofsameness

Kit n C.l.a.w.s. is a project by two experienced musicians in the fields of dance and psychedelic music… teaming up was probably one of the better ideas they had for a long time as the music this duo serves us is simply amazing… deep trance indulging moody house tracks with acid influences… still this acid never becomes industrial as techno can be but stays on the psychedelic side of things… slow trippy stuff to dance and dream away on …headmusic for the dancefloor!

Listen here and order here.

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Former Descent - Tough Love International

Former Descent is the free spirited project by the mastermind behind Neurobit and Rioteer…

With this project he blends in a very successful way minimalism and lo-fi electronics with tough rhythms… these rhythm based tracks take its cue from old school EBM and new beat… this while the melodic elements give the tracks just the right touches to draw you deeper into them… harsh and playful and light and dark never went so well together before… resulting in pure rave anthems!

Listen here and order here.

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This is a celebration of the body on every level… to free the body is to free the mind… and this is the perfect soundtrack for getting you on the way…

From hi-nrg influenced synth-pop to new school cold wave and from harsh body beats to trance indulging spacious elektro… you are invited to the party but only if you can say goodbye to prudence…

Listen here and order here.

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Solitude FX

Back in 2007 we released a 10″ mini LP with Solitude FX under the alias of Solitairen Effekten… featuring only German sung minimal elektro tracks with a slight hint of NDW… “sfx” is another collection of songs by the German duo… this time much more new wave orientated… and even more melancholy as before… but it is not only sadness and solitude these songs have to offer… there is also romance and devotion streaming through them…

The minimal and lo-fi character of the production only serves the songs in being authenthic and straight from the heart… less is more proves again to be quite true…

For the artwork Dutch visual artist Hans de Wolf photographed some of his wood sculptures… which fit amazingly well to the mood and feeling of the music…

Listen here and order here.

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